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Travel Season Wrap-Up

Posted by on Saturday, November 10, 2018 in Admissions Life, College Fairs and VU Visiting Your High School, General Information, Vandy Bloggers, Visit Vanderbilt.

This fall, admissions counselors (like me!) traveled all over the country to meet prospective students in their hometowns. I hope you had the chance to meet an admissions counselor from our office over the past few months!  If you didn’t get to meet one of us in your region, come visit us! Our office is open six days a week during the school year, and we’d love to show you around! You can take a campus tour, spend an afternoon with a student or check out a class on your own! Our ambassaDORES can’t wait to meet you!

As travel season comes to an end, we love to look back on all the places and students we visited! During this travel season we visited 48 states and 34 countries — pretty impressive for 32 people! To help us stay in touch while we’re out on the road we anchor down anywhere we can! If you’d like share your own photo anchoring down on Instagram tag us @vanderbiltadmissions!

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