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Class of 2017 Regular Decisions Mailed Today

Posted by on Monday, March 25, 2013

Congratulations. I’m staring at a blank Word doc, fingers atop the keys, rummaging through how best to start the most widely read post of the year, and this is the word that keeps coming to mind. It makes sense: Every one of you who applied to Vanderbilt this year deserves to be told this repeatedly, no matter the decision awaiting you in the letter making its way to your home right now. As an applicant pool, you set a new bar in every quantitative and qualitative fashion imaginable. We are humbled by your feats both inside and outside the classroom, and inspired by the energy you pour into making the world a better place throughout your communities.

Sentiment aside, Mailing Day posts are the most popular because we typically use them to detail your accomplishments. We’ll get to those in a second. Before we do, I want to ensure those eagerly awaiting an admissions decision that every one of the 31,033 applications we received was reviewed with the utmost care. Moreover the Committee deliberations were as intense and longwinded as they’ve ever been – we do not call anything ‘final’ until we’re sure we’ve admitted the best class possible, no matter what late hour the clock may strike. There is only space for 1600 first-year students at Vanderbilt, which makes the task of filling those seats very difficult at times since we seek the students who will contribute most to the intellectual and social climate of the institution. But that’s the nature of the job and we love what we do.

(Credit: Lauren Holland / Creative Services)

As you approach the data below, keep in mind that numbers only tell part of the story. Our admissions process continues to be holistic, thus we do not employ cutoffs for GPA or standardized test scores. The stories you convey in your essays, the stories conveyed about you in your recommendation letters, your work outside the classroom – these things all figure prominently in the decision process as well.

Admitted Class of 2017 Profile (Regular Decision only)

  • Regular Decision applications: 27,840
  • Admitted: 3,018
  • Admit rate: 10.84%
  • Average rank in class: 3.39%*
  • Percent of students in the top ten percent of their graduating class: 95.26%*
  • Middle 50% SAT (Verbal): 740 – 800
  • Middle 50% SAT (Math): 750 – 800
  • Middle 50% ACT: 33 – 35

*Data reported only for students enrolled in schools that provide exact rank in class information

In addition to these impressive achievements, those of you admitted through Regular Decision showcased a remarkable level of engagement and leadership in your high schools and in state, regional, national, and international organizations. Of the 3,018 students admitted through Regular Decision, 100% received one or more significant honors or held major leadership positions while in high school. Specifically, 2,030 (67%) of you held such major student leadership positions as President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, or Founder of an organization. In addition, 2,267 (75%) students received the highest level of honor in an organization, such as Eagle Scout, Girl Scout Gold Award, AP Scholar, or have been inducted into honorary societies such as the National Honor Society, National Beta Club, or Key Club.

Dean of Admissions Doug Christiansen gives his annual Mailing Day remarks (Credit: Lauren Holland)

Moreover 1,411 (47%) of you were Athletic Team Captains or Co-Captains who placed in district, national, or international level championships, or were named MVP of your respective sports teams. 1,083 (36%) of you distinguished yourselves in the fine arts, holding lead roles in theatre productions, achieving state level musical awards, or serving as Youth Symphony Concertmasters or Drum Majors.

As you can see, this admitted class not only boasts the highest academic profile in Vanderbilt history, it also took enormous strides on the field, in the arts, and in communities around the world – in all sorts of capacities. It is also worth noting that this admitted class is the most diverse in Vanderbilt history.

If you were offered a spot on our wait list, be sure to submit the online wait list reply form. Your continued engagement today and when contacted in the future will help us shape the remainder of the Class of 2017 over the next several weeks.

International students should receive their decisions via email on Tuesday, March 26 and we will release decisions over the phone beginning on April 2 for any applicant who failed to receive a decision by mail.

Finally, we’d like to say thank you to everyone for investing so much time and energy into getting to know Vanderbilt and, specifically, getting to know those of us who you’ve engaged in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. We have enjoyed getting to know you and we know your futures are blindingly bright – this applies whether you’ll be joining us next year or attending college elsewhere. Congratulations on your incredible accomplishments.

To those of you who were admitted, we welcome you to the Commodore community! Please visit the new Class of 2017 admitted student site to continue learning what your future at Vanderbilt holds. And we encourage you to use the #vu2017 hashtag on Twitter and Instagram to begin building relationships with your fellow ‘Dores. Please also ”like” the Class of 2017 Facebook page, where your peers admitted through Early Decision are waiting to meet you.

(Credit: Lauren Holland)

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  • Eric

    Will applicants from Hawaii receive an email or do we have to wait it out for the letter?

    • Hi Eric, are you a U.S. citizen or an international student?

      • Eric

        Yes, I am a US citizen.

        • You should receive physical mail as long as your address is also a U.S. address.

          • Eric

            Okay, I guess it’s time for some nervous waiting then. Thank you for your prompt replies.

          • You bet, Eric.

  • Harsh

    What does this mean, exactly?

    “Average rank in class: 3.39%*”

    • Hi Harsh, it simply means the “rank in class” of those admitted through Regular Decision averages out to 3.39% (of those whose schools report this data – not all do).

      • Harsh

        Does that mean 3.39% of a class of 500 students or on average ranked 3.39/500 students.

        • Carolyn Pippen

          The 3.39 is a percentage, meaning the Regular Decision admitted students this year were, on average, ranked in the top 3.39 percent of their graduating class.

  • Guest

    Looking forward to hearing back! Fingers crossed!

  • CuriousKid

    Are all admissions decisions mailed via priority mail, or just the acceptances?

    • Carolyn Pippen

      Only admit letters were sent priority mail.

      • Brendan C

        If we were admitted, what day should the letters arrive?

        • Hi Brendan, these letters are being sent all over the country and there is simply no way for us to guarantee that decision letters will arrive on a certain day. Thanks for your patience.

  • Guest

    *screams* I can’t wait. Lord, please help me sleep tonight.

  • Kelly

    So it looks as though the acceptance letters come Priority Mail?

    • Carolyn Pippen

      That is correct.

      • Guest

        What about rejection letters? Priority as well?

  • if the middle 50% score is 740/750-800 what is the top 25%? are these stats possible?

    • Hi Jim, it means that the top 25% of score takers admitted to Vanderbilt scored a perfect score.

  • Rachel

    Is priority mail supposed to be next day arrivial?

    • No, not necessarily. It depends on where you live and we have no control over when decisions will reach their intended recipients.

  • Laura

    What about International Students, do we get our decision letters by mail or e-mail?
    Thanks in advance:)

    • International students will receive decisions via email.

  • Kevin Mack

    Are waitlist letters sent out priority mail as well?

    • Hi Kevin, no, only admit letters were sent priority.

  • hope?

    Oh lord help.. what’s up with those stats…..

  • Sienna

    Hi! I’m just wondering, what exactly is the time when internationals receive emails of notification? At the close of business on March 26?

    • Hi Sienna, decision emails for international students should be sent sometime this afternoon. It will most likely be prior to close of business, but I cannot make any guarantees.

      • Thank you for the hard work! Just wondering, do international students who go to school in the states with domestic mailing addresses get emails too? A lot of us are at home on spring break; unfortunately certain schools make us wait until we can get back to our mailing addresses. Thanks!

        • Hi Jingyao, you will likely receive physical mail at the address in the States only. Thanks for your patience.

  • Guest

    I’m so nervous. I’m extremely confident that I got in, but I can’t help but to be nervous.

    • Guest

      Damn, I wasn’t even confident about my state school! Did you get a 2400 or something?! Let us know…

    • AQ

      I dont know…. if you haven’t heard something by now…

  • Cathy

    Which hour exactly will an international student get her email?

    • Hi Cathy, decision emails for international students will be sent sometime this afternoon. I cannot give you an exact hour, unfortunately.

  • Amy

    Thank you for your hard work!

  • Tahmid Fahim


  • Justin

    Was more information mailed to early decision admits as well?

    • Indeed! ED admits were sent the admitted student publication Open ‘Dores as well as a few other items inside that packet.

  • Jessica Carter

    I applied for ED 2
    when will i be able to call my admissions rep to find out if i was admitted?
    thank you!

    • Hi Jessica, you can call now for an ED2 decision as they were sent in early February.

  • Anonymous

    Parent speaking. We’ve been impressed with your department. If son gets a big envelope, all will be perfect! If not, like many of your prospective students, there are other opportunities. Thanks for the heads up on the decisions!

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  • Adam

    Do you have waitlist data also? Like maybe a percentage?

    • Can you be more specific?

      • Adam

        Like what percentage of the applicants for the class of 2017 got waitlisted?

        • I can tell you that we plan our enrollments to ultimately fill approximately 8-10% of our available seats with offers of admission from the wait list.

  • fingerscrossed…

    What time of day were decisions mailed yesterday? I’m wondering if the postmark happened yesterday or today… Waiting rather impatiently for news for our daughter. It would truly be an honor for her to be accepted. Thank you for all the hard work, and congratulations to all the students who work so hard to even be considered… an honor in itself.

    • Thanks for your comments. The decision letters were mailed mid-morning yesterday.

  • Kevin Mack

    If I don’t get in or I get waitlisted, what can I do? I really want to go to Vanderbilt and it is my top choice. I understand if I get rejected completely I realistically have no chance, but if I get waitlisted, is there anything more I can do? Is there anything I can do to get me off the waiting list?

    • Carolyn Pippen

      Hi Kevin,
      If you receive a wait list letter, and Vanderbilt remains your first choice (in other words, you know for sure that you would enroll if admitted off the wait list), you are welcome to email or call your admissions counselor and express your strong interest. This certainly will not guarantee admission, but it will help to strengthen your application once we begin the wait list process in May.

      • Kevin Mack

        If i got waitlisted, what should I do now? How many people were waitlisted? Do I have a chance?

        • Kevin, other than following Carolyn’s advice, I would just be sure to respond to the emails/forms we send you so you will remain wait list active.

  • InternationalStudent

    So I just got a mail that says I’m in. Is it possible that your server has made an error? And that the admissions office will send me a letter that says, “sorry, we sent the wrong e-mail and you’ve actually been rejected”?
    I’m not trolling. I just find it difficult to accept that I’m one of the 10.84%.

    • To my knowledge this isn’t an accident. You should be proud – congrats!

      • InternationalStudent

        I am shaking! Should I drop in a thank you mail to my admissions counselor?

        • We’re excited to have you join the community! And please feel free to contact your admissions officer. I’m sure s/he would love to hear from you.

  • Alexandra

    Hi. I am a US citizen with a permanent address in the States, but I am currently living abroad. Will my decision be sent via email or will it be sent to my home address in the US?

    • Based on what you’ve described, it sounds like you’d be considered a U.S. applicant, thus would receive a physical package. I’m also taking into account that we sent decision emails a short while ago to international applicants and you seem not to have received it. If your U.S. address is the primary address we have for you, you will be receiving a physical package.

      • Alexandra

        Okay, thank you for your help!

    • Hi Alexandra, a quick follow-up. Based on what you’ve told me, I still believe you will be receiving physical mail, but I want to amend my earlier comment slightly to say that emails are still in the process of being sent to international students. They have not all been distributed.

      • Alexandra

        I’ll be on the lookout for either one then, thanks again :)

  • international student

    Hi, I’m an international student but haven’t received an email yet… Was wondering why?

    • I was just informed that emails are still being sent as we speak. This is an amendment to an earlier comment I made (which you might have seen) inferring they’d all be sent. Thanks for your patience.

  • hope?

    Accepted. Ahhhh. I’m so happy right now.

  • Erim Kadir Demirel

    I am a US/Turkish dual citizen holding no permanent address in the States. I am still wondering if means that I am considered an international applicant..I still haven’t received an email concerning my application to Vanderbilt, and I don’t know if I should be waiting for an email or the mail package.

    • Erim, if the primary address we have for you is not in the U.S., then you should receive an email. Those are still being sent as we speak. Thanks for your patience.

      • Erim Kadir Demirel

        Then I’ll be nervously waiting for the email, and thank you for your quick response.

  • Sebastian

    I’m an international applicant and I still have not received the email. Do you have any idea of when will I be receiving it? Thank you.

    • Did you list an international mailing address as your primary address?

  • Should everyone expect to have already received an email with their admission decision?

    • No, only applicants with an international mailing address.

  • guest

    Hello, is the Vanderbilt and You event for students and parents or only students? Thank you!

    • Carolyn Pippen

      These events are for students and their parents.

  • HanGyul Song

    Hi, I have moved since I applied to Vanderbilt. How can I find out which address the decision was sent to?

  • So if we don’t get our decision by like, today, we didn’t get in?

    • No, that’s not necessarily the case at all. We have no control over when the package will reach you. Sometimes packages/letters do not arrive, which is why we tell applicants they can call on April 2 to receive a decision over the phone.

  • Yura Choi

    Hello. I am wondering what the physical mail contains. Just a decision letter? Or will it also have financial aid package?

    • For those admitted to Vanderbilt, their packets will include a decision letter, invitation to Open Houses (with the exception of Blair applicants), invitations to Vanderbilt & You, a financial aid fact sheet, and — if a financial aid award is offered — another letter detailing the package.

  • Are all applicants told one way or another? In other words, will everyone receive a letter?

    • Yes, everyone will be sent a decision regardless of whether they are admitted, waitlisted, or not offered admission. There are times when mail/email simply does not arrive, which is out of our control. This is why we say all applicants can receive a decision over the phone by calling our office on/after April 2.

  • james

    My daughter got an email from Vand. Admission Dept. week ago about providing her US Citizenship verification. Does mean she will be admitted already? Thanks!

    • Hi James, if your daughter gave us a U.S. mailing address, your daughter will receive an admit packet if she is admitted. If she was not offered admission, she will still receive a decision by mail.

  • I’m so nervous I feel like throwing up :( I have no idea when the mail is arriving. I’m afraid I got rejected :(

    • Zach Smith

      I feel you. I was expecting it today.. but no dice :/

  • Jenny

    If I didn’t get a financial aid sheet does that mean I didn’t get any aid? I turned in fafsa but not my css (just turned it in now when I found out I needed to). Is it too late to receive aid?

    • Students may still apply for need-based financial assistance. Once the Office of Student Financial Aid and Undergraduate Scholarships has received the PROFILE application, they will evaluate your eligibility and send a notification to you.

  • Steve T

    My son was admitted today and I just want to thank you and your team for all of your hard work. I am a Vandy alum and could not be prouder. Go Dores!

  • CountryGirl

    Were all decisions sent via priority mail, or just acceptances?

    • Hi CountryGirl, only admit letters were sent priority mail.

  • AQ

    Thank Jesus I GOWT IN!

  • Anonymous

    Is there any online way to find out our decision?

    • Decision letters were sent via physical mail to students with a U.S. mailing address. Students with an international mailing address received an emailed decision.

  • Anonymous

    Hi, If the freshmen enrollment is about 1600, and ED I and ED II yielded about 700 students, do you usually get 30% of the 3018 admitted (900) in RD to round out the class? So, how many would be on the waitlist? Is it a rolling callback from the waitlist also. Thank you.

    • We plan our enrollments to ultimately fill approximately 8 – 10% of our available seats with offers of admission from the wait list.

  • Notre Dame Mom

    My daughter seemed not to care that she didn’t get into Vanderbilt as the letter went into the trash unopened. Last weekend, we received notice that she’s been admitted to the University of Notre Dame. Congrats and good luck to those of you who were admitted. To those who weren’t keep your chin up, I know you will do well at your chosen school. And, besides, you never know what hidden gems are waiting to be found at those schools.

  • Siobhan

    wow! I know its priority mail, but should I call admissions if I have not received it yet?

    • No, as stated in the blog, applicants are asked to wait until April 2 to beginning calling our office to receive a decision over the phone. Thanks for your patience.

      • Siobhan

        Thanks I know. I’m just so anxious.

  • Morgan Geddie

    My son Sam was admitted ED1 back in December. We were surprised to receive an admission packet yesterday but enjoyed reading the Open Dore. We registered for the San Francisco Vanderbilt & You on April 14. Sam also noticed that freshman housing applications open at 12:00 AM on April 1. He set an alarm on his phone for 10:00 PM on March 31 to get his application in.

  • Still haven’t gotten anything :(

  • Wait listed student

    Did applying to Peabody over the College of Arts and Science decrease chances of acceptance because of the lower number of students accepted to this school? If a student was considered not qualified for Peabody, were they considered within the broader applicant pool of students applying to the College of Arts and Science?

    • Carolyn Pippen

      Each applicant considered for the school or schools indicated on their Vanderbilt Part I Supplement. If you indicated the College of Arts and Science as your second choice school, you were considered for both schools. That being said, it was not “more difficult” to be admitted to Peabody College because the school itself is smaller – the applicant pool for Peabody is smaller as well.

      • Wait listed student

        Thanks for the clarification!

  • Irish lass

    I am an international student ‘s mom . No email received yet!

    • Is the primary address we have for your student in the U.S.? If so, you will be receiving a physical package.

      • Irish lass

        Thank you for clarification.Yes, primary address is within the US so we await our mailman with eagerness !

  • 2011

    Hey class of 2017…Thanks for making us alum look AWESOME. Get ready for the best 4 years of your life. i miss it every day.

  • Guest

    My daughter was wait-listed for Vanderbilt, which, to be honest, was surprising to me. She definitely meets all the criteria for admitted students listed here and is a National Merit Finalist, as well. Vanderbilt was not her first choice, but I would have been happy for her to have it as an option (it’s closer to home than some other schools she’s considering). She has been accepted and received wonderful scholarship offers from several other great schools, including University of Chicago, Emory, and Colgate.
    So, she has options :) Congratulations, Vanderbilt Freshmen!

    • guest

      whatever haha

  • guamgirl

    How long do the letters take to get to Guam? Any Guam acceptances?

    • Unfortunately we can’t say for sure when your decision will reach you, as we only have so much control regarding the postal service. You are free to call our office beginning April 2 to receive a decision over the phone if you haven’t received it via mail.

  • Oh sheesh. What is the average number of AP classes and their level of difficulty these students have taken?

  • James

    My daughter was admitted yesterday and I just want to thank you and your team for all of your hard work. Her test scores are SAT I 2380, 3 SAT Subjects (M-2; Chem; Bio) are 800, 800, 780 and ACT 35.

    She was a National Merit Scholarship Finalist and also took 8 APs test, 7 are 5 and 1 is 4, how Vand. consider this award and APs credit? Thanks!

  • Jeffery B. Wheaton

    my son was accepted early decision, we’re VERY excited. Congrats to those who got in. I read an article today about the extremely low acceptance rates in the Ivies and Ivy tier schools. I suppose that downward shift the last few years has been primarily from the common app and how it’s made it easier for more people to apply to their dream or reach schools?

  • LB

    Were there emails sent as well? Because I haven’t received an email or anything by mail.

    • Students with international mailing addresses received emails. Students with mailing addresses in the U.S. will receive physical mail. You are welcome to call our office beginning April 2 to receive a decision over the phone if for some reason your decision hasn’t arrived by then. Thanks for your patience.

  • Guest

    Ryan, What is the overall acceptance rate this year (including RD and EDs)?

    • The overall admit rate won’t be available until we complete the wait list process sometime this summer.

  • Scared but excited

    So my friend and I were somehow admitted with stats far below Vanderbilt’s averages. Please tell me you didn’t accidentally send us the wrong letters

  • stillhopeful

    I was wait listed, but I’m not giving up! I’m determined to become a Commodore!

  • guest

    So excited to be accepted!!! Thank you for all your hard work!

  • Guest

    Waitlisted…that hurts…

  • guest

    I must admit that WL came for my daughter as a major surprise since she was accepted to Hopkins,Berkeley, Amherst and Toronto among others. Does Vandy really thinks they are THAT good??

    • Steve Shane

      As a parent of a Class of 2016 Commodore, I’m sorry your daughter didn’t get into Vandy. It’s not a matter of Vandy “thinking they are that good”. It’s based on the quality of the applicants credentials, which are clearly amazing this year, and the limited size of the incoming freshman class. And, by the way, Vandy IS THAT GOOD!!

      • guest

        Good for Vandy:-) I cannot wait to finally see some of the amazing applicants in the hallways -maybe this year was really exceptional…

  • SA

    Should admitted internationals expect a mail packet?

    • Yes, admitted international students should receive the admitted student packet.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Mr Burleson, I am wait listed(: may I know how many people were put on the waitlist this year? Thx!

  • susan fowler

    We live in TN and have yet to receive any form of notification. I can only presume this means my son did not get accepted. I am, however, disappointed that we did not at least receive a notification of his rejection. I expected better of Vanderbilt. He does have wonderful options having been accepted at UVA, GA TECH and UT – so congratulations to all who did receive an acceptance – and to those who are now out of their misery!

    • Hi Susan, thanks for your patience. As we’ve mentioned, sometimes the mail simply doesn’t arrive, which is out of our control. This is a rare occurrence, but it can happen. I would encourage your son to call and receive his decision over the phone tomorrow if he doesn’t receive anything today.

  • waitlist?

    how many students were waitisted this year? and if you are on the waitlist,how long will it be until a decision is released?

    • As stated elsewhere in the comments, we plan to enroll anywhere from 8 – 10% of students off the wait list. In terms of timing, there is no specific end date for the wait list process. Last year it ended in late July, but each year the process is different.

  • guest

    The waitlist decisions may take until LATE JULY to be released?? That seems very impractical to me- some colleges begin in early/mid August, and it would be very hard for a student who, receiving an admission so late, to suddenly switch to Vandy within two or three weeks. Does the waitlist at least go on a rolling basis, or are all released at one (possibly very late) date?

    • I hope to clarify a bit for you. We will begin admitting from our wait list as early as May 5 and continue doing so until the class is filled. When I mentioned July, I was saying the class closed then, not that all decisions were released at one time.

      • guest

        Whew. Ok, thank you so much for the clarification!

  • Jennifer H.

    I was wait listed, and I am wondering whether I should send new information to my regional counselor, or to the wait list email address. Previous posts on here suggest the first, while the wait list email I received mentions the second, and I just want to make sure I am sending it to the right person. Thanks!

    • Hi Jennifer, please send any new information to your admissions counselor.

  • Logan Gin

    Semi-finalist for Ingram Scholars and waitlisted… :(. Still not giving up hope on being a Dore though! Are there any programs for waitlist applicants to visit or should I just schedule a personal visit to campus?

    • Hi Logan, ‘Dore for a Day is typically reserved for admitted and wait-listed students in April. However, that program is completely full now. I think your best bet would be to schedule yourself for an information session and campus tour, if there is availability. Those dates are filling very quickly for April.

  • guest

    Do students get a letter of reject if they are not accepted to VU?

    • All applicants should’ve been notified of their decision by mail. There are cases where a letter doesn’t arrive, in which case the applicant should call our office to receive a decision over the phone.

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  • Aimee

    Hi! Vanderbilt is definitely number one on my list, but I’m nervous about SATS. I got a 1610 total my first time taking them and I will take them again in October but I’m afraid it’s not good enough. I have a 4.0 and I am taking AP classes this year. I’m also secretary of National Honor’s Society, Key Club, and my Senior Class. Do you think I have a good chance of getting accepted?

    • Carolyn Pippen

      Hi Aimee,
      Because we use such a holistic review process, it would be nearly impossible for us to give you a good idea of your chances of admission based solely on these items. The only way to know for sure is to apply!

  • melbell12

    I have a quick question about applying to schools within Vanderbilt. I am interested in either biomedical engineering or general biology. I know Vandy is my number one choice, should I apply to the School of Engineering or College of Arts and Science? Can I be accepted into one and not the other? What happens if I’m accepted to both?

    • Carolyn Pippen

      Although you can indicate a first and second choice school on the Common Application, in most cases students are only considered for their first choice (which means it is not possible for you to be admitted to both – you will only be admitted, denied, or wait-listed to your first choice). My advice would be to apply to whichever school you would most like to be admitted to, with the understanding that you can transfer from one to the other after your first year if you change your mind.



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