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January, 2011

Transfer Admission FAQs

Jan. 7, 2011—In the crazy world of college admissions, it seems as if most of the spotlight is on first-time freshman admissions.  However, transfer students are an important part of Vanderbilt University.  Transfer students add to the classroom discussion and campus life because of their diversified experiences; we are looking for transfer students who will add to...

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Meet Nicole Molina

Jan. 6, 2011—I am the admissions counselor responsible for Southern California and Illinois, except Chicagoland. In the office I work on: Black and Gold Days and with CoRPs (Commodore Recruitment Programs).

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Updates for ED II, RD, and Transfer Students

Jan. 5, 2011—I hope everyone had an amazing holiday season with friends and family!  Here at Vanderbilt, OUA is back in full swing and we’ve got answers to your questions.  With ED I and the New Year behind us (how did that happen?!), I know most of our readers are focusing on the next admission rounds.  Here...

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