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July, 2009

VU Roadshows Facebook and Mea Culpas

Jul. 31, 2009—The summer is gear-up time for our office. Plans are being made, flights being booked, and programs being scheduled. Our biggest tradition in travel is our 2 week, nationwide blitz of admissions receptions called Vanderbilt Roadshows. We hit 52 cities in 10 days all across the U.S. These programs are meant to provide the latest details on admissions and financial aid, and start the school-year and travel season off with a bang. They are open to all grades and you can register now.

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Waitlist Released: VU 2013 Class Full

Jul. 15, 2009—Later today we will be emailing official word that we are releasing our waitlist for the Vanderbilt class of 2013. If you have been following along, you know that we haven't made any offers to the list since late May. We had been waiting to release the waitlist just in case we needed to make more offers. Like most things in highly selective admissions, on one hand it is exciting that that we're one step closer to the next incoming class starting at Vandy, on the other, I also know that this comes as a disappointment for those of you that were still out there waiting.

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On My Way

Jul. 6, 2009—Good morning blog readers, friends, and people who were mysteriously sent here using Bing: This blog began several years ago as an experiment. It was not rolled out with fanfare, nor was it vetted through a massive team of consultants in suits. In fact, it was quite the opposite. I built a simple site on...

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Common App Available for VU Class of 2014

Jul. 2, 2009—All is still quiet on the waitlist front, and I have no news there. The waitlist is still open and active. We have officially closed all transfer admissions however for the Fall. Today we'll be sending out the following email to all rising seniors on our mailing list announcing start of a new admissions cycle.

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