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On My Way

Posted by on Monday, July 6, 2009 in Advice for Parents.

Good morning blog readers, friends, and people who were mysteriously sent here using Bing:

This blog began several years ago as an experiment. It was not rolled out with fanfare, nor was it vetted through a massive team of consultants in suits. In fact, it was quite the opposite. I built a simple site on the now defunct Blogspot, recruited a few students to help and away we went. Our goal was to demystify the admissions processs and put you in our shoes. Of course, we quickly learned what it means to be in your shoes as well. I don’t know for sure if this blog has been successful or if it has helped meet those goals, but one thing I do know: It’s been a great time.

Sadly, this will be my last post as an official VandyBlogger since I am leaving Vandy to pursue graduate coursework in Educational Policy and Administration. Sadder still, is that the previous sentence may be the dorkiest thing I’ve ever written.

I may drop by from time to time to post a comment or to razz Thom for one of his dramatically flourished opening salvos. I hope you all continue to enjoy the dispathes from this office and that you keep the tough questions like, “Can I combine my SAT and ACT score into a super-super score?” or “How do I make pesto?” coming.

Mostly, I hope your take our advice to heart. College admissions is not a sport or a game or a contest. If it was, admissions counselors would get paid more and would have a Hall of Fame/Truck Stop/Gift Shop somewhere in Indiana. Admissions is a subjective process, run by flesh-and-blood human beings who care a great deal about getting it right. Still our decisions come down to distinctions that can be immeasureably small or just plain unmeasureable.

If you decide to make your education a lifelong journey, then everything will fall into place.

It’s been fun. Go Dores!

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  • Vandy parent '13

    July 7th, 2009

    Fare well, Brad! may the next chapter in your journey be golden.