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What's in a name? – post-ED1 musings

Posted by on Friday, December 19, 2008 in Application Process, Early Decision, File Reading Explained, Vandy Athletics, VU Admissions Statistics.

Q&A Time:

Q – How do I check the completeness of my application (i.e., do you have my stuff)? 

A – Call 800-288-0432 between 8am-5pm CST or email us at  We started running double shifts with our processing staff a couple weeks ago to be able to handle the mountain of paper (remember last year?).  Postmarked deadline for both ED2 and RD is Jan 3 (and yes, we know that’s a Saturday).

Q – What about merit scholarships and financial aid, when are the applications for them due?

A – The postmark deadline for both the Cornelius Vanderbilt and the Chancellor’s Merit Scholarships are also Jan 3.  For our need-based aid we use both the CSS PROFILE, which is available now and the FAFSA which goes live on Jan 1st.  The preferential deadline for Vanderbilt receiving both of those is Feb 1 for RD.

Q – Several months ago VU announced a big enhancement to student aid where need-based student loans in financial award packages will be replaced with gift aid starting with the next incoming class (2009).  With the worsening economy, are you still going through with that?

A – Yes, absolutely.  [We have actually heard this question a handful of times and we’re proud to give the answer]

Q – I was just admitted at ED1.  What’s my next step? 

A – Well, I suppose you join the VU 2013 facebook group and write “I’m so stoked!” on the message board, thank your mom and dad for all their sacrifice and toil in raising you, enjoy the holidays, keep your grades up (seriously, its called a contingent offer of admission for a reason), cheer on the ‘Dores in the Music City Bowl on Dec 31, and look for the bigger admit packet to be sent around April 1 when it goes out to the entire admitted class (but maybe not in that order).

Stats you can’t use – even if you tried:

According to the Social Security Adminstration, the most popular baby names for the years of 1990 and 1991 (the years when most of the newly minted incoming ED1 class of 2013 were born) were the following:

1990 & 1991:

Rank Male name Female name
1 Michael Jessica
2 Christopher Ashley
3 Matthew Brittany
4 Joshua Amanda
5 Daniel/Andrew(1991) Samantha

The top names of the 2009 VU ED1 admitted class?

Rank Male name Female name
1 Andrew Elizabeth
2 David Mary
3 Christopher Amanda
4 Michael Caroline
5 Daniel Emily

There are 160 different female names and 130 unique male names in the incoming ED1 class. 

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