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‘Vandy Athletics’

Signing Day 2014

Feb. 12, 2014—Carolyn rounds up the coverage of Coach Derek Mason's first National Signing Day at Vanderbilt. Anchor Down!

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En Route Now: Early Decision I Letters

Dec. 13, 2011—Early Decision I Letters Have Left the Building

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When in Rome?

Sep. 7, 2010—OUA counselors and student tour guides are frequently responding to myths about going to college in the South.  Perhaps most often we’re asked, “Is it true that girls wear dresses and guys wear button-ups to football games?!”  I find myself, fellow counselors, and student guides falling over ourselves trying to explain the tradition.  Sometimes our...

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Stress Coping Tips (from someone who's been there)

Dec. 7, 2009—I’ve had a lot of experience with school and school-related stress. Throughout my undergraduate education, graduate education, and my time here at the OUA I have developed a few coping mechanisms. As many of you await our Early Decision I letters and most of you wrap-up semesters with final projects and exams, let me hand...

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What's in a name? – post-ED1 musings

Dec. 19, 2008—Q&A Time: Q – How do I check the completeness of my application (i.e., do you have my stuff)?  A – Call 800-288-0432 between 8am-5pm CST or email us at  We started running double shifts with our processing staff a couple weeks ago to be able to handle the mountain of paper (remember last...

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Decision Week Update

Apr. 28, 2008—A couple quick updates on our waitlist for everyone. We’ve been getting a good number of phone calls and emails asking whether we’ll be going to the waitlist, and while admitted students have a few more days to make their decisions known (reply cards should be postmarked by May 1) it does look like we...

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