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June, 2008

Is it ever really goodbye, if you are living a dream?

Jun. 27, 2008—I am leaving, in my estimation, what is the most culturally and intellectually effective and expressive university in the country. Never have I been surrounded by so many people who visibily and intuitively care about uplifting people with the commitment that is incredibly spiritual and other-worldly. For five years, I have inhabited an oasis of...

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A Circuitous Route to Understanding Diversity at Vanderbilt

Jun. 27, 2008—At some point last evening, while watching the 2008 NBA Draft, my mind wandered to memories of my middle-school days and my friendship with Freddie Johnson. He was a Caucasian blonde-haired, lanky, but cool kid from the upper middle class side of Houston. I, on the other hand, was an African American kid of slight...

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Tennesee Rocks (and Twangs)

Jun. 9, 2008—Random Stranger on Airplane: So, where are you from?Brad: Nashville.Random Stranger on Airplane: Do you like Country music?Brad: Not really. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve engaged in this conversation, I could buy every record I’ve ever wanted to own from the record store. If only I could pay for the gas...

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Some Joy in Mudville

Jun. 3, 2008—Vanderbilt was eliminated from the NCAA baseball tournament on Sunday. It was a heartbreaker of a loss – a 2-run homer in the bottom of the ninth – to cap a tough season. I was upset about it at first; I was angry that we lost the way we did, sad that so many of...

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This week on the Vandy Admissions Blog

Jun. 2, 2008—Earlier this year, our dear Mr. C went through an extreme makeover of his own, getting a new look. This week’s poll question lets you weigh in on a simple, yet heated topic that was batted around campus: Which look is cooler, new or old? By the way, New Mr. C is on the left...

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