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Is it ever really goodbye, if you are living a dream?

Posted by on Friday, June 27, 2008 in Nashville.

I am leaving, in my estimation, what is the most culturally and intellectually effective and expressive university in the country. Never have I been surrounded by so many people who visibily and intuitively care about uplifting people with the commitment that is incredibly spiritual and other-worldly. For five years, I have inhabited an oasis of humanitarian existence that is Vanderbilt. Now, I leave that oasis for what is considered one of the Top 10 prep schools in the country: Westminster School in Atlanta, GA. Westminster is also arguably a mirror image of Vanderbilt with people of immacculate character and spirit. I leave Vanderbilt as an admissions officer to assume the role of college counselor and faculty member. I will teach a Politics course and will have the opportunity to assume complimentary roles in the Dean of Students Office. All very exciting opportunities.

Still, I honestly still have some difficulty wrapping my mind around my departure from Vanderbilt. The opportunity to be a college counselor was unexpected, but humbly welcomed. And while I leave Vanderbilt on familial terms with a reciprocal spiritual relationship with the Vandy community, I hold in my heart a bit of melancholy. I am going to miss Vanderbilt very much, and I will miss being an admissions officer. I had the pleasure of making a bunch of good friends over the course of 8 years. I truly count many of the students I have talked with as friends. My life has been enhanced by their words and their aspirations. At times, students have served as inspiration in my life. But all the time – you, the student, have helped me see the beauty and fulfillment of living a life of service to help other people better their lives. I am a better man because of you.


  • smubyron

    June 30th, 2008

    James, Vandy loses a great man, but I know the Westminster family will love you (they already do). I’ll miss seeing you at GAC, but glad to know that you’ll be in Atlanta. Stop by the Hilltop at SMU when you can! Best wishes my friend.