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May, 2008

Why You Should Care About Robert Kennedy

May. 29, 2008—For as much bluster that the French get in our current political sphere (Freedom Fries . . . really?) the center of Washington, D.C. with its sweeping boulevards, towering columns and monuments, perpendicular vistas, and multitude of parks and park benches is as French as any American city gets. Makes sense, in that it was...

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First-Year Philosophy (Things You Should Know Now, so You Don't Feel Goofy Later)

May. 27, 2008—Like Carl Jung, you could hear your inner self telling you – almost imploring you to listen…just this once. Of course, as usual – you went against the wishes of your subconscious and you brought with you – on move-in day – in your first year of college that outdated shirt that flung you in...

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Fried Oreos, Going Potluck and the VU Waitlist

May. 26, 2008—Happy Memorial Day from IndianapolisYesterday I attended my 8th Indianapolis 500 Mile Race. It’s not that I’m a big race guy sitting in the stands with a stop watch charting lap splits or anything. I go because it’s a sporting and cultural phenomenon, both on the track and off. Here’s a sport where even the...

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Waitlist Calling + Stevie Wonder = Good Day

May. 8, 2008—Quick note today to let you in on a rare day in our office. As I mentioned yesterday, we’ve been calling students who are being admitted from the waitlist. That means that we as admissions officers get to hear the reaction we rarely ever are privy to when students open their admit letter. We’d have...

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Post May 1 Waitlist Update

May. 7, 2008—As we anticipated and had planned, starting today and progressing throughout early summer, we will begin calling students on our waitlist to offer them admission to Vanderbilt University. I wanted to touch base with everyone to provide a little insight into how we will be making the decisions as to who will be admitted as...

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