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Fried Oreos, Going Potluck and the VU Waitlist

Posted by on Monday, May 26, 2008 in Political Life at Vanderbilt, Waitlist.

Happy Memorial Day from Indianapolis

Yesterday I attended my 8th Indianapolis 500 Mile Race. It’s not that I’m a big race guy sitting in the stands with a stop watch charting lap splits or anything. I go because it’s a sporting and cultural phenomenon, both on the track and off. Here’s a sport where even the advancements in television broadcasting that brought you video line calling in tennis and the “K-zone” in baseball can’t seem to do this event justice. Sitting in one place and watching anything fly past you at 220 mph never seems to get old. Also not getting old: the mass of barbed-wire armband tattooed humanity that descends on the unassuming Indianapolis neighborhood of Speedway. An eyebrow raising combination of 500,000 people, warm May weather, fried food (batter fried Oreos anyone?), Dads with their young sons ever entranced with each cycle of racing, bearded bikers, and at least one dude who cobbled together a makeshift vehicle from a lawn chair, plywood, and a lawnmower engine. It is the Midwest’s version of Carnivale.

Vandy Admissions Blog 2.0

You may have noticed some small additions to the blog. We’ve added a RSS feed so that readers can stay up with the latest news from Vandyland. We’re also trying to make the blog more interactive starting with a weekly poll question. We’re working on a feature that would allow you to submit a poll question to the Vandy Blogging Team. We’ve also added labels to our posts to make it easier to find information about certain topics. Stay tuned and let us know what you think.

Waitlist Update

At this point it is looking like approximately 100 students from our waitlist will be a part of our historic first Commons class. This is right where we planned to be, and have been pleased with the response to our phone calls to students. Right now we still have some offers out there, but we believe we are nearing a completion point with our incoming class. However, we will plan to keep the waitlist active into the early part of the summer as we will potentially make a handful of final offers for the class of 2012. Those of you on the waitlist will hear from us either way, either by a phone call for an offer of admission, or a letter indicating that the class is complete.

This Week on the Vandy Admissions Blog

This afternoon I’ll be flying to Washington D.C. to attend the “To Seek a Newer World: The Life and Legacy of Robert F. Kennedy” program. I’ll be posting later this week from D.C. about the program. James will also be weighing in with tips for the Vandy class of 2012 including the big question: to go potluck or to not to go potluck?