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Life in Nashville

Nov. 26, 2009—I love being in my hometown for Thanksgiving. My parents are the strongest people I know, my sister makes me laugh till my sides hurt, and my high school friends tell amazing stories from their adventures all over the world. I come home for my family. At the conclusion of the holiday, though, I couldn’t...

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Answer: Jalapeno Poppers, Kentuckiana, and Existentialism

Aug. 27, 2008—Question: What are you left with after 12 hours of driving across the Greater Midwest with OUAer Brad Weiner? The Midwest Road Show last week was a blast, if nothing else because of the wonderful new friends we made in the cities we visited.  The programs we attended were full of bright & interested students and families and...

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Tennesee Rocks (and Twangs)

Jun. 9, 2008—Random Stranger on Airplane: So, where are you from?Brad: Nashville.Random Stranger on Airplane: Do you like Country music?Brad: Not really. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve engaged in this conversation, I could buy every record I’ve ever wanted to own from the record store. If only I could pay for the gas...

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Rites of Spring in Full Bloom

Apr. 18, 2008—At some point today I became a member of the media. I don’t feel different, but I am now a part of the press. We hosted a camera crew on campus today to shoot footage for an admissions video and since Rites of Spring ( starts today, we all got press passes to film inside...

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