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Four with a ’Dore – Jeanette Hurwitz

Posted by on Friday, May 27, 2022 in Student Life.

Student Jeanette Hurwitz showing the VU hand sign outside

In our Four With a ’Dore series, we’re getting to know Vanderbilt students four questions at a time. In today’s installment, meet Jeanette Hurwitz, a junior from Newton, MA, who is double majoring in sociology and medicine, health and society with a minor in language sciences.

Q: Where did you find your sense of belonging on campus?
A: Camp Kesem. It’s a weeklong summer program run by Vanderbilt students for children of cancer patients. I’ve met such a diverse group of students from a wide array of backgrounds there. Camp Kasem has not only given me a sense of community with other students, but it’s also given me an even wider overall sense of community with the people who attend the events and donate to support the cause.

Q: What are your favorite campus events?
A: I like going to all the cultural events and experiencing the different cultures of the students on campus. It’s something I didn’t really get to experience in my hometown, so it’s great to see people in their element being so proud to show and share who they are.

Q: Which Vanderbilt professor has had the greatest impact on you?
A: I’ve had so many good professors, but most recently, my education professor Catherine McTamaney. She’s a great person to talk to because she’s so open about her life experiences and makes it very easy to ask questions. I took an early childhood development course with her and part of the class included a trip to Italy over spring break, which was amazing. It was so much fun and a great combination of educational experiences and also fun trips like touring the Colosseum.

Q: What is your favorite tradition on campus?
A: I like tabling outside Rand, which is something that happens occasionally where a bunch of different clubs and organizations set up tables and encourage students passing by to come over and learn more about what they do. Sometimes they have food, sometimes they squirt you with water guns, I feel like it always makes campus feel so lively and really shows how much involvement we have at Vanderbilt.

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