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Vanderbilt Admissions Cares

Posted by on Wednesday, June 3, 2020 in Admissions Life, General Information, Uncategorized, Vandy Bloggers.

The leaders of our office would like to share their thoughts regarding recent events.

By Douglas L. Christiansen, Vice Provost for University Affairs and Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid and John O. Gaines, Director of Undergraduate Admissions


The Office of Undergraduate Admissions is proud to represent Vanderbilt University, an institution that is taking a stand against racism, prejudice, hatred or violence of any form.

Universities like Vanderbilt should be seen as beacons of hope in dark times. Our university communities are uniquely poised to help promote an antiracist agenda while simultaneously researching and advancing economic, political, health care, and other policies to help address underlying societal issues.

We and our Vanderbilt admissions colleagues remain committed to working with prospective students from all backgrounds as we seek to build an educational environment that promotes scholarship, equity, and justice. Vanderbilt admissions cares about you and about your well being in these tumultuous times.

Please take a moment to review the important statements our campus leaders are making. We hope they help you see how not only admissions – but the entire university –  cares about fighting injustice wherever we encounter it: