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Student Spotlight: Peabody College of Education and Human Development

Posted by on Friday, October 6, 2017 in Student Life, Vandy Bloggers.

What’s it like to be a student at Vanderbilt? You can learn a lot about life at VU from our website or from our publications (which you can receive by requesting more information). For a closer look at a specific academic program, student organization, or activity, however, there’s no substitute for hearing directly from Vanderbilt students. We make that easy for you with our Contact-a-Student page, which allows you to reach out to students across the university with a wide range of interests and activities. To help you dive in, we’re bringing you a series of profiles of some of the students featured on the page.

Today, we start the series with students from the Peabody College of Education and Human Development. Feel free to reach out to these students or explore the contact a student page to connect with current students.

Katrin Fischer
Class of 2018
Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education
Tokyo, Japan
Why Vanderbilt

Vanderbilt offers the perfect balance between academics and a social life. I wanted to go to a university that would challenge me academically without a stressful environment, and a university that would provide me with opportunities to explore interests outside of the classroom. There are so many clubs and events around campus it is so easy to get involved and find something you are passionate about.


Katelyn Harris
Class of 2018
Human and Organizational Development
St. Louis, MO
Describe your experience becoming a part of the Vanderbilt community.

As a senior in high school, I was anxious about the transition from high school to college. However, when I came to Vanderbilt, the experience was a lot less difficult than I had anticipated. Students in my classes were eager to form study groups, my VUceptor and Resident Advisor scheduled one-on-one meetings with me to check-in and see how I was doing, and all of the Commons-wide programs made making friends so much easier than I expected. Ultimately, while transitioning from high school to college can be difficult, Vanderbilt made my experience so much easier through the resources it offers and Commons-wide programs.


David Zou
Class of 2019
Cognitive Studies and Mathematics
Louisville, KY
Describe a favorite class and why you like it.

Applied Behavioral Science with Professor Jordan has been one of my favorite classes at Vanderbilt so far because it is really applicable to real life. If you get a chance, I would highly recommend taking this course. Professor Jordan spends the majority of class telling stories about his life and sharing wisdom on life and it feels more like a conversation you’re having than a class.


Carly Meyers
Class of 2018
Elementary Education and Spanish
Chester, NJ
Describe a favorite class and why you like it.

One of my (many) favorite classes here has been Ethnomusicology: the study of music as therapy and education to prevent HIV/AIDS in sub-saharan Africa. I loved it because while I’m a Peabody student, I was able to take a class with a Blair professor who was an expert in the field, and made the subject so interesting and relevant that I couldn’t stop talking to everyone about it and doing more research on my own!


Simmons DeHoll
Class of 2019
Human and Organizational Development and Economics
Sumter, SC

Describe a favorite activity/organization and why you like it.

I love being a part of Women in Business. It is such an amazing organization because we are working to provide opportunities for women on campus to network, learn, and even receive jobs!

Describe a favorite class and why you like it.

My favorite class so far was called Small Group Behavior. We had no tests, and then entire class was based on how the group you were assigned to improved and learned throughout the course of the year. This class really fit my learning style, and I enjoyed every minute of it.


Andrew Brodsky
Class of 2018
Human and Organizational Studies
Hot Springs, AR
Why Vanderbilt?

The community here is phenomenal. From the first day I stepped onto campus it felt like I was at home.  That and the food. The food is incredible.


Describe a favorite class and why you like it.

Intro to Public Speaking. It was a class of only 10 people, and while we did do a lot of public speaking, I learned so much more in that class as well. We covered everything from how to form an argument, to the best way to grate cheese, and even had an intense discussion on which season of Doctor Who is the best.


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