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Class of 2020 – Regular Decision Summary Statistics

Posted by on Friday, March 25, 2016 in General Information, Vandy Bloggers.

Earlier this week we released admission decisions for Regular Decision applicants to the class of 2020. By now, admit packets are on their way to new ‘Dores across the country and around the world. The admits to the Class of 2020 are an incredibly accomplished, amazingly diverse, and hugely talented group, and we can’t wait to see what they will do as a part of the Vanderbilt community.

Admit packets are on their way to #vu2020! Welcome to the newest ‘Dores!

A video posted by Vanderbilt Admissions (@vanderbiltadmissions) on Mar 24, 2016 at 3:34pm PDT

To our new Commodores, we say “Congratulations!” We’re excited to welcome you to Vanderbilt, and we look forward to seeing you at upcoming Anchor Days or other on-campus visits for admitted students, as well as at Vanderbilt and You receptions across the globe. We also invite you to join the Official Class of 2020 Facebook group for admitted students where you can connect with other new ‘Dores and current students. And don’t forget to share your news on social media with the hashtag #vu2020 – the responses we’ve seen so far are amazing!

Here is a statistical profile of the Regular Decision Class of 2020.

  • Regular Decision applications: 28,700
  • Admitted: 2,526
  • Admit Rate:  8.8%
  • Percent of students in the top ten percent of their graduating class:  94%*
  • Middle 50% CR SAT:  740-800
  • Middle 50% M SAT:  760-800
  • Middle 50% ACT:  32-35
  • Percent of students who received one or more significant honors or held major leadership positions:  100%

*based on high schools that provide rank

From everyone at the Office of Undergraduate Admissions – from Dean of Admissions Douglas Christiansen and Director of Undergraduate Admissions John Gaines to all the admissions counselors, members of the Admissions Processing Center and Center for Data Management, student workers, tour guides, and student bloggers – Congratulations and Go ‘Dores!

Welcome to Vanderbilt!

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  • mvwig

    March 25th, 2016

    When will transfer decisions become available ?

  • Jay Watson

    March 29th, 2016

    Thanks for the question. We will begin sending out notifications on a rolling basis to transfer applicants in mid to late April.

  • LO

    March 26th, 2016

    Can you give us the overall admissions rate? I can guesstimate based on the rough numbers you guys gave on early decision, but I am really curious as to the exact results.

  • Jay Watson

    March 29th, 2016

    We will publish our final statistics, including the overall admit rate, after we finish all of our admission for the Class of 2020, including admission from the wait list. Thanks for the question.

  • Fondu

    March 30th, 2016

    Is the RD class also getting T-Shirts or only those that eventually enroll?

  • Jay Watson

    April 6th, 2016

    Thanks for the question. All students who matriculate in the Class of 2020 will receive a VU shirt from the bookstore.

  • Susan Groh

    April 9th, 2016

    Why would the admitted student days be full? Can you make room for admitted students that have had to schedule academic competitions and other school visits and were unable to commit to a day prior to now? Why would one attend a school that can’t make room for a visit when other schools are having board members call to encourage admitted students to attend their school and discuss the strengths of their programs. It is an odd way to encourage a student to select your school!

  • Jay Watson

    April 11th, 2016

    Susan, we are sorry that our Anchor Days program filled before you were able to register. We absolutely want admitted students to visit campus, and we invite you to come for one of our other admitted student visit programs such as ‘Dore for a Day. While we increased our number of spaces in Anchor Days this year, the demand has exceeded our expectations and availability. You can find a full list of our other visit programs at, we would love for you to come.

  • bluejays

    April 11th, 2016

    I read elsewhere that Vanderbilt and Barnard Halls were being demolished this year with their replacement not opening until 2018. Since transfer students are required to live on campus, does that mean Vanderbilt will enroll fewer transfers this year to make up for the shortfall in ~240 rooms?

  • Jay Watson

    April 11th, 2016

    Thanks for your question. The entering class of transfer students will be the same size as it has been – the new construction will not affect those numbers.

  • Joy

    April 13th, 2016

    When will the first round of wait lists be offered admission? Will notification be via email?

  • Jay Watson

    April 18th, 2016

    Thanks for your question. We typically do not begin notifying students from the waitlist until after May 1. Students who are offered a spot in the class from the waitlist will be notified by email.

  • traysip

    April 20th, 2016

    Just wondering the likelihood of a rescinded admission based on multiple C+’s?

  • Jay Watson

    April 21st, 2016

    Thanks for your question. Your offer of admission is contingent on continuing to perform in a manner that is consistent with what was presented in your application. If you have specific concerns, it’s best to contact your admissions officer to discuss. Thanks.

  • Mew Mew

    April 27th, 2016

    How often are acceptances rescinded? My son finished 1st semester with 1 C+ in AP Calculus, and has a C in Calculus right now as well. This is the only class he received under an 80% and we are really worried as to what may happen to his acceptance. He was accepted ED so if his application does get rescinded, he has nowhere else to go… Is there a high chance of revoking his acceptance?

  • Jay Watson

    May 2nd, 2016

    Thanks for your question – your son should contact his Vanderbilt admissions counselor who can offer more details on your specific situation. In general, the offer of admission is contingent on continuing to perform in a manner that is consistent with what was presented in your application. Again, your son’s admission counselor can talk with you about what that means for his specific situation.

  • Joy

    May 3rd, 2016

    Good morning, @Jay_Watson. Did the first round of waitlist letters go out yet? If not, any idea when?

  • Jay Watson

    May 11th, 2016

    Thank you for your question, Joy. We have begun to make offers to students on our waitlist for the Class of 2020. Students on the waitlist will continue to receive updates via email. When the class does close, we will notify all the students who remain on the waitlist. Thanks.

  • Joy

    May 11th, 2016

    Thank you. Any idea how many rounds there will be?

  • Jay Watson

    May 16th, 2016

    We don’t really know – it depends on what happens when we make our offers, and how many applicants accept a place in the class when offered.

  • Joy

    May 17th, 2016

    Thanks….any idea when the next round of offers will be made?

  • Jay Watson

    May 25th, 2016

    We do not have a set schedule for making offers from the wait list. We will continue as spaces become available, until we have filled the class. Thanks for your question!

  • 허재

    May 15th, 2016

    Hello, I received an email that I was accepted for Class of 2020. When will I receive my official acceptance letter? In the website, it said I had to wait 24 hours for upload, but I still haven’t got one yet.
    P.S.: I will be joining Vanderbilt and already paid $400 matriculation fee.

  • Jay Watson

    May 16th, 2016

    Hi, thanks for asking. I need a bit more info to help look into this for you. Can you contact me at with the name that is on your application?