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Guest Post: Scholarship Update

Posted by on Friday, March 7, 2014 in Scholarships and Financial Aid.

Good afternoon,

I just wanted to provide a brief update regarding the selection process for the Cornelius Vanderbilt and Chancellor’s Scholarship awards. As of this afternoon we have notified recipients of the Cornelius Vanderbilt and Chancellor’s Scholarship awards by both e-mail and letter. Applicants who were not selected for either program will only receive an e-mail notification. A total of 24 Chancellor’s Scholarship and 132 Cornelius Vanderbilt Scholarship offers have been made. Please note that decisions regarding merit scholarship applicants who have applied to the Blair School of Music are still being finalized. Recipients will be notified in the next couple of weeks.

Competition for our merit scholarship programs continues to be intense. Awards in one of our three signature programs (Cornelius Vanderbilt, Chancellor’s and Ingram) are being made to less than 1% of our applicants for admission. Staff and faculty from the Vanderbilt community have spent countless hours reading and discussing scholarship applications and making difficult decisions regarding award recipients.

We continue to be humbled by the overwhelming response to our signature merit programs and we are amazed at the quality of the applicant pools. Over 4,600 students applied for the Cornelius Vanderbilt program and over 850 applied for the Chancellor’s Scholarship program. This is in addition to the over 840 students who applied for the Ingram Scholarship program.

Thank you for your interest in Vanderbilt! Should you have any questions, feel free to e-mail our office.


Brent Tener

Director of Undergraduate Scholarships

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  • Monica

    March 8th, 2014

    I haven’t received an email from Vanderbilt, even though I applied for a scholarship. Is there a technical difficulty?

  • Jay Watson

    March 10th, 2014

    Hi Monica, if you haven’t received an email, please contact and the scholarships team will check your status. You may also want to check to make sure that the message from us hasn’t been caught by your email spam filter. Please let us know if we can provide any other help.