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Meet Carolyn Pippen

Posted by on Monday, October 10, 2011 in Application Process, Balance.

Lexington, Kentucky is my hometown.

I am the admissions counselor responsible for Arkansas, East Tennessee, South Texas, West Texas/El Paso, and Dallas/Fort Worth.

In the office I help organize our MOSAIC program, work with the Chancellor’s Scholarship committee, answer admissions questions emails, write for the admissions blog, and generally keep everyone in stitches.

My favorite restaurant in Nashville is wherever I’ve been most recently.  I always make an effort to try new places for every meal – and I still haven’t run out!

The best coffee shop in town is Café Coco.  It’s open 24 hours and has a drink called Brain Shampoo.  Try it.

On Saturdays you’re most likely to find me watching college football on my homemade big screen TV (laptop + projector + Walmart speakers).  I take breaks every once in a while to walk to Centennial Park, where there’s always fun stuff going on during the weekends.

I usually stick with American Airlines for flights, but I spend most of my time with my eyes squeezed shut, pretending I’m still on solid ground.

My favorite spot on campus is the roof of Terrace Place parking garage on a clear day.  Best view of the Nashville skyline you’ll ever get.

The best event at The Martha Rivers Ingram Commons is the Commons Carnival.  If you think you’re too old for cotton candy… you’re wrong.

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  • Renetta Aper

    November 9th, 2011

    You probably have many photos from the roof of Terrace Place parking garage! The view you see can help relieve the stress from school works. Can you please share some photos if you have any? Hehe.