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Advice for Applicants Dealing with Weather-Related Issues

Posted by on Monday, October 31, 2011 in Application Process, College Application Guides, Early Decision.

I love NJ, it’s where I’m from…but I was ready to fly back to Nashville, see my husband, see my dog. I knew it was supposed to rain, maybe snow “north and west of the city,” but as I drove to the airport through slush and snow, I didn’t have a good feeling about my flight… Sure enough, I was met with “CANCEL,” the red letters no one wants to see while waiting for their flight. So, applicants, I feel your pain regarding this freaky, crazy, snowstorm, in OCTOBER!

And my own story about being caught in NJ for a few extra days brings me to tomorrow, November 1, our EDI deadline. A few days ago we posted information regarding all of our dates and deadlines, encouraging you to adhere to these deadlines if at all possible. While that advice still stands, we are keenly aware of the brutal October weather in the northeast, forcing schools to shut and causing widespread power outages.

If you live in the northeast and are without power, or without access to school information you need for your application, we will certainly work with you. If you are concerned, and as soon as you are able, send your admissions counselor an email letting us know that you want to be considered as an Early Decision I applicant and that you will be submitting any remaining materials as quickly as Mother Nature allows.

Also, be aware that you should receive a final missing items email from us November 8 or 9 and that you will still have time to submit any remaining materials.

We look forward to reviewing your application to Vanderbilt!

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