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A Quick Hello from Admissions’ New Web Content Producer

Posted by on Tuesday, October 11, 2011 in Academic Life, Admissions Committee, Application Process, Balance, General Information, Nashville.

Hello! My name is Ryan Burleson and I was brought onboard in the Admissions office a few weeks ago to serve as Web Content Producer. As the title suggests, I’ll be involved in all aspects of our office’s web presence, from blogging to site updates to social media and beyond. We believe that the web offers virtually limitless avenues for illuminating the Vanderbilt story and I’m very excited to play a part in bringing it to life.

Since graduating from Belmont University (mere blocks from Vanderbilt’s campus) in 2004, I’ve served in a variety of communications roles, most recently as a freelance journalist for the Nashville Scene, The Atlantic, MAGNET Magazine and Louisville’s LEO Weekly, among others. During this time, I also ideated and executed social media campaigns on behalf of a very special toy company based out of Atlanta. Prior to 2008, I served in more traditional, agency-based PR capacities for a variety of consumer brands and non-profit agencies.

Throughout, I’ve been itching to return to the unique and challenging culture embedded in the collegiate experience. Vanderbilt’s Admissions office, in particular, serves as ground zero for the potential of higher education, so I’m confident that I chose an exciting place to work.

Though I’ll be the primary “voice” of the Admissions blog, rest assured that I’ll be tapping the Vanderbilt- and admissions-related expertise of my colleagues on a regular basis. In the very near future, you can expect to find posts on the fine details of the application process, dispatches from our international recruiters, spotlights on the (great) Nashville life, introductions to our newest admissions counselors and more.

Before signing off, I want to encourage you to keep conversing with us in the comments section of the blog. We value your feedback (humorous or otherwise) and will always do our best to follow-up in a timely manner.

Thanks for your time. Go ‘Dores!

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  • Abc

    January 5th, 2012

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    In sum, education schools must recruit better students by emphasizing the intellectual challenge and creativity inherent in teaching, and, focus on shoring up curricula.
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