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10th Day Data – Presenting the Outstanding Class of 2015

Posted by on Wednesday, October 12, 2011

For the Vanderbilt class of 2015, The Martha Rivers Ingram Commons already feels like home. They have taken mid-terms and written papers, and they’ve cheered the Vanderbilt Football team to three victories at home. It has been only a few weeks since we welcomed 1,601 first-year students to campus, and we want you to know a little about this amazing group.

Colleges and universities typically do a statistical report about the incoming class after the 10th day of classes. This census is known as 10th day enrollment data and it presents the most accurate picture of the newest class of students at Vanderbilt University. We highlight these statistics on our online profile.

The class entering Vanderbilt this fall was selected among the largest, most academically prepared and diverse pool of applicants in Vanderbilt’s history. Applications for fall 2011 freshman admission increased to 24,837, up 14% from the 21,811 applications the previous year. The admit rate this year was 16.4%, a significant drop from 17.9% the previous year.

Before I present more interesting statistics, I want to remind you that numbers never tell the whole story. You can use these kinds of data to get a frame of reference about various aspects of Vanderbilt and the admissions process, but these data should be used only as a reference point. Vanderbilt is a place with a rich history and culture and I would encourage you to visit campus if possible to meet students and faculty and to understand the Vanderbilt difference beyond the numbers.

More about the Vanderbilt class of 2015:

  • They were accomplished leaders in high school
    1,503 were leaders in student government and service
    537 were athletic team captains and co-captains
    309 were leaders in the arts
    25 were entrepreneurs who founded a business
  • 35.1% of enrolled first-year students had a reported rank in class; of those with a reported rank in class, 89% were in the top 10% of their graduating class
  • The middle 50 percentile for SAT scores: 1380 – 1550
  • The middle 50 percentile for ACT scores: 31 – 34
  • 58% attended public high schools, 35% attended private high schools, and 7% other
  • 51% are female and 49% are male
  • 29.2% self-reported a minority race/ethnicity

Where is the class of 2015 from?

This regional map highlights the geographic diversity at Vanderbilt. The class of 2015 comes from all around the nation and the world. No single region claims the majority of students.

About two-thirds of the class of 2015 come from outside the Southeast. International students comprise 5.8% of the class. Each year, diversity at Vanderbilt increases across all measures, making our campus a richer and more dynamic place.

As an admissions counselor at Vanderbilt, I am proud to share these statistics with you. Our admissions office believes it is important to share this information with prospective students and families so that you can be informed as you make decisions throughout the college search and admissions process.

Let us know if you have questions.

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  • Kelsey Smith

    Looks like a great class of students! Hoping to be a part of the class of 2016 next year! 

  • Sweetnlow

    Since when is WV considered a “Midwest” state??

    • RyanBurleson

      Thanks for your question. We follow the College Board’s regional designations on this issue — they were not defined by Vanderbilt.

  • Ems830

    Any forgien students?

    • Great question. Yes, international students comprise 5.8% of the 2015 class.

  • James A. Carmody

    Things have changed a bit since the Class of ’67 which was the first racially integrated class and 2/3 of the undergrads were guys (looking for girls)!!

  • Tlc5300

    It’s every parents dream and then some. A wonderful collection of people that are united by major brain power. Hopefully, the Vandy Network will enrich the students lives after graduation. Now, more than ever it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

  • Barkus

    Can you tell us how many VU Class of 2015 freshmen were admitted from the waitlist?

    • The most recent data is not yet available, but we can tell you that this year’s waitlist class is shaping to look a lot like last year’s.

  • Jay_Losey

    My daughter’s applying for the 2016 class.  This info will help her understand the significance of her application.

  • CuriousDude

    Is race a factor considered in the admissions process at Vanderbilt?

    • No, race is not a factor in the admissions process. Because we believe strongly that a diverse community offers the most meaningful college experience, we seek students from a myriad of backgrounds and locations.

      • Phaeocise

        Sounds like a “yes” to me

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  • Melogan8

    What was the breakdown for the class of 2016 for which pool they were admitted under? How many were ED 1? ED 2? and regular? Is ED 2 any of an advantage over applying regular? 

    • Historically, we have admitted a third to 40% of the freshman class through Early Decision. The Early Decision II pool is typically smaller than the Early Decision I pool. It is not necessarily easier or harder to be admitted in one Early Decision pool vs. the other. (There is a statistical advantage to applying through Early Decision vs. Regular Decision, but it’s important that students apply Early Decision only if they are 100% sure that Vanderbilt is their first choice school because Early Decision is a binding admissions plan.) Because the size and quality of our Early Decision II pool fluctuates fairly significantly from year to year, we do not publish a breakout between EDI and EDII.

  • Caroline

    does attending a community college for a year hurt your chances for transferring to Vanderbilt?

    • Thank you for your question, Caroline. We consider transfer applicants from all types of schools. That being said, In our transfer admissions process, some preference is given to students who have been enrolled full-time in college-level coursework at institutions similar to Vanderbilt. The majority of our admitted transfer students come from a competitive 4 year university, but not all of them.



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