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Blogging Opportunity for Incoming Vanderbilt Students

Posted by on Friday, August 19, 2011 in Be a Vandy Blogger.




For those of you in the Vanderbilt class of 2015 who are still reading our admissions blog, check out this opportunity:

Be a Commons Video Blogger!

WHO:  You!

WHAT: Be a Commons Video Blogger.  Capture unique moments and tell compelling stories through video.  Be a voice for the Commons and share amazing and diverse Vanderbilt experiences with your fellow students and the outside world! 

WHERE: Shoot your video anywhere in or around the Commons.  When it comes to viewing your videos, we want to share your creativity and vision with the rest of Vanderbilt and beyond. That’s why we’re creating a new Commons web page to showcase your videos, along with posting them on Vanderbilt’s youtube and Facebook pages.  They may even go on the Vanderbilt homepage and inside the Vanderbilt VUCast webcast!

WHEN: Make as many videos as you like! We’d love for you to start with move-in day!

WHY: The Commons is more than a place; it’s an incredible living/learning experience.  We want to share the Commons experience through your eyes. What’s happening inside your house? What talents do your friends, roommates, faculty heads of house have? What compelling conversations and debates are you having? How is the Commons unique? What’s cool about the Commons and the people living in it?  Share those through video!

HOW: Use your own camera (it can be a good quality camera phone, flip cam or higher quality equipment) or we can provide cameras for you.  If you want to edit your video, feel free to use your own computer’s editing software or you can used editing facilities on campus.

If you have a great video idea, but need guidance with execution, we’ll hook you up with expert support on how to write and produce a creative video story, cool editing and more through Vanderbilt News & Communications and Vanderbilt Video

You absolutely don’t have to be a pro to be a Commons Video Blogger.  You just need the passion to tell a great story or capture a compelling moment.

Amy Wolf ( with Vanderbilt Video and Michael Martin ( with Digital Commons will be your go-to people for anything you need. 

Email Amy now if you’re interested in being a Commons Video Blogger!

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  • Tip_tina

    August 23rd, 2011

    Hopefully I will be able to participate in this next year!
    I would love, love, love to be able to be apart of Vandy’s Class of 2016.