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Vanderbilt Class of 2015 Admission Decisions Mailed Today

Posted by on Wednesday, March 23, 2011

At 1:00 p.m. this afternoon an excited OUA staff filled two USPS mail trucks with admission decisions for the Class of 2015.  The past year of recruitment and evaluation resulted in Vanderbilt’s most impressive incoming class in university history.  We want to first thank each and every applicant who submitted themselves to our rigorous review process.  We worked daily to respect you as more than just a file, but rather as an individual with extraordinary potential to offer our collegiate community.  Vanderbilt University is a better place because of you and your vote of confidence. Thank you.

This year our admitted students present the strongest academic credentials ever recorded.  The students who will comprise our Class of 2015 also demonstrate talent in a vast array of areas outside of the classroom.  Offers of admission went out to world-class musicians and artists, highly skilled athletes, students who sit on national boards and students who go above and beyond the call of duty in their service to communities both local and global.  We look forward to these students bringing their intellectual and extracurricular engagement to the Commodore community.

Here is further information on the Class of 2015 applicant pool:

  • Vanderbilt received a total of 24,756 applications (this represents a 14% increase in applications from 2010)
  • Applications from underrepresented students grew 15.7% from 2010, demonstrating our continued commitment to diversity
  • As a result of our increasing international reputation, international applications grew 27.5% from 2010

Highlights of the admitted class include:

  • Middle 50% SAT (CR + M): 1440-1590
  • Middle 50% ACT: 32-35
  • Percent of students in the top ten percent of their graduating class: 93.69%*
  • Average rank in class (% from the top): 3.48%*
  • Overall admit rate (as of mailing day): 15.45%
  • 96% of our admitted students received at least one significant honor or held at least one leadership position while in high school. These include leadership or distinction in the fine arts, service activities, academic groups, and student governance; 90% of our admitted students held two or more honors or leadership positions

*Data reported only for students enrolled in schools that provide exact rank in class information

We provide the above data so that you may contextualize the level of competition within our applicant pool.  The above numbers should not be used as cut-offs or requirements. Our holistic review process continues to consider many qualitative factors in the admissions decision.

Congratulations to our admitted students! We want you to be part of the Vanderbilt family.  If you have questions please feel free to contact your admissions counselor.  For financial aid questions or concerns, contact the Office of Financial Aid and Undergraduate Scholarships directly.  We hope you will soon call yourself a Commodore along with our 6,700 current undergraduate students and 120,000 alumni.

For those students offered a place on our waiting list, remember to complete the online response form. We intend to use the waitlist in late spring and early summer in order to complete the Class of 2015.  There is no rank to the waitlist; offers of admission from the waitlist correlate to available spots in the four undergraduate colleges.  Keep up with the Vanderbilt Admissions Blog for waitlist updates.

If you did not receive an offer of admission or a place on our waitlist, please know that your application received careful review.  The size of our application pool is such that we cannot offer admission to each qualified student.  There is no doubt in our minds that you will find an excellent collegiate fit and we wish you the best throughout your educational journey.

Our international students will receive an email on Friday, March 25 with the admissions decision.  A hard copy of the decision will follow.

If you do not receive an admissions decision by Wednesday, March 30, you may call the Office of Undergraduate Admissions to receive your decision over the phone.  We will not release decisions over the phone prior to that date.

Best wishes as you move forward in this exciting time of life!

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  • Jane

    I’m already in from Mosaic, but all of us in the Girls Roommate Group are super excited for the packets even though we know we got in. Something about the tangible packet is much more real :)

  • Kenny Tan

    Congratulations to the Class of 2015! I hope you all take a chance to check out the wonderful student organizations and clubs on campus. As President of the Young Americans for Liberty chapter, I look forward to recruiting more brilliant freedom lovers.

  • Ginnie

    Just wondering, do the accpetance packages resuire a signature? Thanks…

    • Ginnie: A signature is not required.

  • So 25% over 795 for “admitted” applicants … That’s higher than last year’s “entering” class @ Harvard! It appears as if an “arms race” is ensuing…

  • Does VU consider siblings who are currently enrolled at VU?

    • Phineas: Having a current sibling on campus is one of the many intangible factors we may consider during the application process. This is not to say it would “get a student admitted”, but as with many qualitative factors, it is considered.

  • Adam

    Are parallel statistics to “Highlights of the admitted class” available regarding the whole applicant pool?

    • Adam: We have statistics for applied, admitted, and enrolled. We will publish a wide variety of data through the summer and early fall.

  • MomInCA

    I just want to leave kudos to Vanderbilt and Kylie for this amazing blog during the admissions process. I wish other schools had done this. Having such complete info and great context along the way has been awesome – and way more time- efficient and stress-reducing than surfing College Confidential’s speculative discussions (with other schools, the only way to even hope to find out what is really going on!) Thanks again, much appreciation for the time and thought you’ve invested here.

  • Jane

    Middle 50% SAT (CR + M): 1440-1590

    WOW! So, wouldn’t that mean, then, that the top 25% of admits had 1600 on their SATs? Or am I misunderstanding this? This seems just astounding.

  • Ben

    That doesn’t mean 25% had 1600’s. At least a couple of the top 25% still would have a 1590. Actually, it is possible but improbable that 0% of admits got a 1600.

  • Julia

    Can’t wait to get my decision! I’m hoping it will be today…These stats are insanely high though.

  • Ali

    Ben… I know of at least one admitted applicant with a 1600 (me! :D)

  • Lauren

    I know I need to be patient because transfers come second…but as soon as there is transfer info I’d love some.

    • Lauren: I’ll be focusing more on transfer admissions as we reach the end of April and early May. Look back for info at that time!

  • Jonalie

    what time will international admission decision emails be sent out?

  • Ann

    Is it true that acceptances were sent priority mail and rejections/waitlists were sent regular mail? That’s the rumor…..

  • Judy

    The packet arrived today but I am confused about family weekend. Brochure says Oct 8-10, website says Sept. 16-17. Could you please clear this up? Thanks and GO ‘DORES!

    • Judy: The website is correct, the brochure went to the printer prior to change being made.

  • Lorrie

    I agree wholeheartedly, whatever the decision is –
    this blog is a great idea, and it makes the college process more transparent and a little less stressful. It seems that every school has received a significant jump this year in applications.

  • Diane

    I’ve heard that acceptance packets are sent through priority mail while rejections/waitlists are not. So if we haven’t heard, say, in NY, while others in the state have, should we be worried?

    • Diane & Ann: Yes, as I stated in my previous blogs, admit packets went out priority mail and all other letters went out first class mail.

  • Andre’

    Hello, I have just one question. Say for instance a student receives a rejection letter. Can that student call an admissions representative to ask why he/she is not accepted?

    • Andre’: You are welcome to call or email your admissions representative about your decision.

  • Akshay

    Kylie are you a VU representative?

    • Akshay: I am an admissions counselor here at Vanderbilt! I have the state of Indiana and the suburbs of Chicago as my territory.

  • Eileen

    Thank you so much for keeping us all informed throughout the process. Vandy is an absolutely amazing school and I wish all the best to the new class of 2015. We are extremely sad that our daughter was not admitted but know the statistics were extemely high. We love the university as well as the area. All accepted students are very lucky to have such a great university to attend. Thank you again for all of the information and your wonderful staff. Best of luck to the new class

  • Looking forward to receiving the decision soon!

  • Comodore!

    Does Vanderbilt have enrollment deferral for students who wish to spend a year doing relief work overseas or other volunteer work, etc?

    • Commodore: Yes, deferrals are a possibility. Contact Harper Haynes (harper.haynes@vanderbilt.edu) to get the process rolling.

  • Comodore!

    Thank you! Are they still a possibility for students accepted through the wait list?

  • Cole

    When will those students hoping to be admitted through the wait list be notified about their final admission status?

  • buzz

    With this class being historically the most competitive, do you think that some of these admits may also have been accepted at HYPMS ?. It will be interesting to see how many enroll.

  • 3.48% rank is very impressive!

  • Jennyerwinus

    That means tp 25% admitted have either 1590 or 1600 SAT scores. Hard to believe.



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