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Meet John Gaines, Director of OUA

Posted by on Monday, February 21, 2011 in Admissions Committee, General Information.

My hometown is Owensboro, KY.

I am the admissions counselor responsible for “the islands”: Manhattan, Hawaii, and England (really, all of Europe).

In the office I am the Director of Admissions; I work with all the other admissions officers on their tasks, and oversee the recruitment, evaluation and selection of students for Vanderbilt’s four undergraduate schools.

On a Saturday you’re most likely to find me at one of my kids’ activities –a play, a lacrosse game, a cheerleading competition, or running errands around town with my wife.

The best coffee shop here in town is FIDO in Hillsboro Village or Hot Spot Coffee in Franklin.

The airline I most frequently fly in/out of Nashville is Delta.

My favorite spot on campus is West Side Row.

The best dish at the Commons is Chicken Fingers (really – the best in Nashville!).

Hillsboro Pike is a hidden gem in Nashville.  While not really hidden, the drive from Nashville to Franklin on Hillsboro Road – straight through some of the most beautiful and interesting countryside in America – is spectacular.  I feel lucky that I get to go that way at least once a week!

While my work for Vanderbilt takes me literally all over the world, I love coming home to Nashville – the view I see when flying into BNA ( green fields, many lakes, and the iconic skyline) is one of the most beautiful airport approaches in the world.  Then, once on the ground, the friendliness and laid-back attitude of the city is palpable.  It’s a great place to live!

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