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2011 ED II Decisions Mailed and Total Applications Update

Posted by on Friday, February 11, 2011

Our Early Decision II letters left OUA this afternoon!  ED II applicants will likely receive admission decisions in the mail early next week.  Students who do not receive their letters by February 18th may call our office to receive the admissions decision, but we will not release decisions over the phone prior to that date.

The number of students who indicated Vanderbilt as their first choice this year through either Early Decision I or Early Decision II is humbling.  Moreover, our Early Decision applicants presented extraordinary academic and personal accomplishments.    We report admissions statistics for Early Decision I and II combined; at the conclusion of Early Decision, here is a first glimpse of our incoming Class of 2015:

Early Decision Admitted Student Profile, Vanderbilt University Class of 2015

  • Middle 50% SAT:  1380-1510
  • Middle 50% ACT:  31-33
  • Percent of students in the top ten percent of their graduating class:  91.62%*
  • Average rank in class:  4.76%*
  • Early Decision Admit Rate:  25.54%

* Data reported only for students enrolled in schools that provide exact rank in class information.

This year’s total ED class has the highest academic profile in Vanderbilt’s history.  This group additionally distinguishes themselves by their level of engagement and leadership in high school as well as in state, regional, national, and international organizations.  Of the admitted ED students, 96% received one or more significant honors or held leadership positions while in high school.  Specifically,

  • A large portion held major leadership roles such as Student Body President, Class President, Student Senator, Editor-in-Chief, ROTC Leader, Athletic Team Captains, or MVP of their respective sports teams.
  • Many students in this ED class carved their place in the fine arts arena, such as holding lead roles in theatre productions, achieving state level musical awards, or serving as Youth Symphony Concertmasters or Drum Majors.
  • An overwhelming number of our Early Decision students received induction into honorary societies like the National Honor Society, National Beta Club or Key Club.

By any measure, this is an extraordinary group of future leaders!

Regular Decision Application Update

As of today we have 24,730 applications for first-time freshman admission.   This number represents a 14% increase in applications from last year and the highest number of applications in Vanderbilt’s history.  We are fortunate enough to select our Class of 2015 from a diverse pool of students who are both academically strong and socially engaged.  As with previous years, we will have an incoming class of approximately 1,600 students who make their first-year home in The Commons at Vanderbilt University.   Regular Decision students will receive admission decision letters on or around April 1, 2011.

We are excited to welcome admitted Early Decision II students to the Commodore community!


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  • Kaitlyn

    I just want to express the nervousness, excitement, and every other possible emotion I have right now. I am sure everyone is right there with me! I will be camping out at the mailbox for the next few days. :)

  • VandyHopeful

    I’ve been stalking this blog incessantly for the past week and I can’t even express how happy I am to see this!

  • Monica

    Thank you so much for making this blog. I’m sure not the only one when I say it has kept me distracted from the wait.

  • Matt

    Good luck, everyone. I hope to see you in the fall!

  • Logan

    Ahhh! Best of luck everyone!

  • gemma

    I’m so excited + nervous! I’ve been thinking about Vandy the whole day ever since I saw this post!! Haha I’ll be staring and waiting to see if the mailman has my letter for the next few days:)

  • Chris

    I’m so excited!! Go Vandy!!!!

  • Mike

    Good luck everybody!!
    I know how it feels once you know the letters are in the mail. When my mom brought it in she was screaming with excitement, and then when I held it in my hands I knew why. Honestly, I was stuttering for 10 minutes. And that was in December. VANDY 15!!!

  • John

    Hi Kylie,

    Can you reveal how many people (total) applied to ED this year?

    • John: Last year we had 2,150 applications for early decision and you can find that information in our Common Data Set. I can tell you we were up this year, but we won’t have final numbers until we do an official audit at the beginning of next fall. Check back for 10th day data in September!

  • Jennifer

    I just recieved a letter that I was admitted to Vanderbilt, but I just submited my FAFSA today.
    I was wondering if that made me ineligible for financial aid?

    I’m very worried ..

    • Jennifer: Here’s how I answered that same question from Aimee a few days ago-

      “February 5th is the priority deadline, but you are not prevented from receiving need-based aid if you missed the deadline. Given your situation, you will likely not receive an estimated financial aid packet with your admit letter (if admitted), rather it will come in the mail several weeks later. Hope this helps calm the nerves in your household!”


  • Jennifer

    THANK YOU! sigh of relief!
    I’m so happy I was accepted! :)

  • Maria

    Good luck to everyone who applied!
    Does anyone know if international students are notified through mail or email?

  • Carol

    To the admissions staff: That is a significant decline in early admission stats vs. last year (32% ED were accepted last year, per the Common Data Set figures, vs. 25% this year). Any insights on why Vanderbilt accepted fewer (and with higher numbers of ED applicants) would be appreciated!

    • Carol: We aim to fill approximately 1/3 of the freshmen class each year through Early Decision I & II combined. With the increase in ED applications the admit rate naturally declines. We are seeing an increase in applications for Regular Decision as well.

  • Maria

    When will international students receive their email?

    • Maria: International admit decisions for ED II will go out on Monday.

  • Percy

    Hey Kylie, will you send the decision via e-mail or mail?

    • Percy: All domestic students will receive their decision via USPS.

  • suzie

    will boarding school students receive their decision letters at their schools or at their home address?

    • Suzie: Students will receive their decisions at the “mailing address” they listed on file. For most students this is their boarding school, but some may have put their home address down.

  • Paige

    Hi I am overseas and am wondering what time the international results will be sent via email on the 14th?


    • Paige: I apologize, I was mistaken in my earlier comment. ED II decisions for international students will be mailed tomorrow (February 15th) in the morning.

  • Jessica

    I am currently a junior at Vanderbilt, and I am waiting so eagerly to hear if my little sister will be a new Commodore in the class of 2015. Congrats to all new ED acceptances, and best of luck to all regular decision applicants. You are going to love it here. It’s good to be gold.

  • Marie


  • Elva

    I’m so nervous and excited for my son. The waiting seems so long and slow. Students and parents should be notified via email to save money on postage, envelope and paper : )

  • Kaleb

    I’m a Commodore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy =D

  • Caroline

    Had to call to be told that I was ACCEPTED!! XD

  • Terri

    I know you all use the holistic process, however your test scores are very high. Do you take into understanding that some students are just not great test takers in these standardized tests. I know you all seem to like to have the best of the best, but having some diversity is also a good thing. Not all students are gifted, yet they are very motivated and creative students. In love Vanderbilt, but I don’t know if I want my child with just peers in the top 5% of there class, meaning that is not the real world. I do however feel if they do not meet certain criteria that they should highly shine in there volunteering, activities and other area’s. Every mom of course thinks their child is wonderful and wants only the best future for them. Thank you for your time!!

    • Terri: We do consider, and occasionally admit, students who “are just not great test takers”. However, students who are firing on all five cylinders (academic achievement, standardized testing, essay, letters of recommendation, and extracurriculars) in our process tend to be the most successful. Although our students are of similar academic talent, there is significant diversity of thought and opinion (which I think makes Vanderbilt a great place to learn).

  • Ali

    Hi Kylie, I still haven’t received my admissions decision from Vanderbilt and it’s been a week. I tried calling on the 18th but they told me they weren’t allowed to release decisions over the phone until Tuesday…? And is it a bad sign that I haven’t received my decision yet? Ugh.

    • Ali: Decisions were released on the 18th via phone. That is a very strange response. Call again Monday morning.

  • Emily

    Hi, I was just wondering if the admissions office admited students just because he/she is a minority?

    • Emily: We believe in affirmative action as a means to create a diverse learning environment where everyone benefits. That is something we are proud of and upfront about. That being said, your question ignores our repeated conversations on this blog and elsewhere about the OUA holistic review process. There is no single criteria that determines admission. Our five primary pieces of evaluation are academic achievement, standardized testing, the admissions essay, extracurricular involvement, and letters of recommendation. Every single admitted student earned admission in those five categories and deserves to be a Commodore.

  • Terri

    Thank you!! Hoping for the best!

  • Cameron

    When are the acceptance or the denial letters mailed for the class pf 2011 fall

    • Cameron: Check out our most recent post. They’re going out on March 23rd.

  • Jarnishapowell

    how do you get an application to actually apply for this college?
    , because i see it nowhere on the website.

  • Sarah Evangelina

    Hi! I’m Sarah, and I’m applying for the class of 2016, I applied regular decision, and I was wondering if the international acceptances apply to me, because even though my permanent address is in the states I am attending an international school abroad for my senior year. So, would I revive my decision via email, or through UPS? Thanks!

    • Hi Sarah, you should be receiving your decision via physical mail and email.

      • Alexi Albert

        Hi Ryan! I also applied for the class of 2016 and I was wondering when I would find out my admissions decision via email. I know a lot of people who have gotten their decisions in the mail, and I haven’t gotten anything yet. Is that a bad sign?

        • Hi Alexi, thanks for your interest in Vanderbilt. Domestic students will receive their decision via physical mail while international students received their decisions via email on Monday of this week. You can call us beginning Friday, March 30, if you’ve not yet received your decision. That’s when we’ll begin releasing them over the phone.



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