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Send Me Your VU Photos!

Posted by on Wednesday, January 12, 2011 in Balance, Nashville, Vanderbilt Blogs.

If you read the blog regularly you know by now that I love taking pictures of campus and my OUA travels to share with you!  Lately, though, I think my pictures may be getting repetitive and I’m reaching out to you for help.  If you have great pictures of Vanderbilt, Nashville, or you and/or friends in Commodore gear please send it to me!  I would love to start using these on our blog and other social networking sites.

Here’s a few ways you can get them to me:


  • I’m interested in a variety of photos: views of campus, snaps from a VU basketball game, or you wearing a Commodore sweatshirt at home
  • If you have fun pictures of your time in Nashville, send those along, too
  • Parents: ask your student before you send that utterly adorable pic of them
  • Students: keep it PG
  • Alums: if you’re reading this, join in on the fun and send me some lovely pics if you have them
  • This request doesn’t expire; whenever you get them, send them

Below are some example photos taken recently:

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