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On the Road

Posted by on Monday, August 16, 2010 in Road Shows.

This week marks my first official recruitment trip of the Fall 2011 admissions cycle!  Thom and I are Road Show buddies for the week and we will be visiting Chicago, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, and Indianapolis.  What exactly is the Road Show about?  Essentially, it’s us bringing Vanderbilt to you.  At these events we host an information presentation similar to the one you’d see on campus.  We also invite current students, parents of Vanderbilt students, and alumni to the Show.  The conclusion of each event is a great opportunity to network with everyone: introduce yourself to the admissions counselor, ask current students those burning questions you don’t want to ask admissions counselors, and make contact with an alumnus who can give you’re their perspective on opportunities after Vanderbilt.

I’m so psyched for this Midwest tour!   Yesterday we held our first two events in Chicago and I’m humbled by the turnout.  I have no doubt there were future Commodores in the room.  I also had an amazing dinner with an alumnus named David in the Lincolnshire area.  He told me hilarious stories about the capers he and friends were able to pull off “back in the day”.  One involved kidnapping Chancellor Heard with water guns and sending ransom notes out to the Deans!  What amazed me most about David, though, wasn’t the college antics, but the way he truly believed in the mission of Vanderbilt; he serves on the alumni board, he participates as an interviewer for our office, he leads fundraising efforts for needs on campus, and he endowed a scholarship in the College of Arts and Sciences.  Alumni such as David show that being a Commodore isn’t just a four-year experience, but a lifelong bond.  Come to the Road Shows and meet alumni, see for yourself!

If you’ve missed one of our Road Show events, come see us on campus!  Or email your admissions counselor and ask when they’ll be in your area.  We want to answer your questions, ease your concerns, and help you to become a Commodore.

Adios for now, I’m off to Milwaukee!

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  • Rehakjh

    November 5th, 2011

    That’s awesome! Good post, hope to see you on campus