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September, 2009

VU ranks 12th for economic diversity

Sep. 29, 2009—The New York Times draws attention to the important topic of economic diversity on American college campuses. U. S. News and World Report's ranking of top colleges by economic diversity is based on the percentage of undergraduates eligible for federal Pell grants.

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Building – Building – Building

Sep. 23, 2009—Renovation to the Historic Old Gym Continues. We now see where the new entrance to our new visitor's space will be. They are also beginning the restoration of the tall windows in the southern side of the building. Exciting Stuff.

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Scholarship Information for Seniors

Sep. 21, 2009—Seniors on our Vanderbilt mailing list will be receiving information this week and next week about our scholarship and financial aid process. If your head is already swimming in dates and deadlines, then I apologize up front, because here comes some more.

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2009 Vanderbilt Tenth Day Enrollment Report

Sep. 14, 2009—Annually, the Office of Enrollment Management takes the official enrollment snapshot for Vanderbilt University. This morning, our Vice Provost for Enrollment and Dean of Admissions issued a report to the University community regarding the incoming class of 2009 and the state of the enrollment for Vanderbilt.

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Where We Stand on SAT Score Choice

Sep. 10, 2009—As many of you may know, the College Board now allows you the option to choose which scores (by test date) you wish to send to colleges. Earlier this winter the College Board requested Vanderbilt's official position on its new Score Choice policy. We wanted to post to help explain our position on this new policy, as well as to let you know how we came to that position.

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