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August, 2009

Conversations for the drive to move-in this weekend

Aug. 20, 2009—Got a long drive tomorrow for move-in weekend at the commons for first-year students? It's not too late to talk about . . .

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Just be Yourself: The role of personality in coping with applying to college

Aug. 17, 2009—Thanks to many of you for the signs of support and interest in my doctoral research. I wanted to post some additional information about my research and what we found in hopes that it may be helpful to you and your family.

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Change is Inevitable – Except From Vending Machines

Aug. 14, 2009—My apologies to Robert C. Gallagher for borrowing his quote, but I thought it appropriate. The Office of Undergraduate Admissions at Vanderbilt is changing and growing to meet the increase in visitors we've seen over the last 3 years.

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Vandy and Seger: Like a Rock

Aug. 4, 2009—Well done to VUMEd86, Julia, and Jonathan for correctly guessing Bob Seger as the inspiration for the Vanderbilt Roadshow logo.

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