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Travel Season Begins…

Posted by on Thursday, August 14, 2008 in Freshman Commons, Music, Nashville.

What a summer it has been. The Freshman Commons opens on Saturday and our new class of Commodores moves in. For all of the excitement around Nashville and campus, the admissions staff is looking forward to the high school visits, college fairs, and student events held throughout the country and the world over the coming three months.

Tomorrow it all begins. Thom and I are leaving late tomorrow evening (I have tickets to see My Morning Jacket on the Riverfront) for The Vanderbilt Roadshow. We will host five events over the course of four days in Indianapolis, Chicago, Milwaukee and Minneapolis.

Expect some dispatches from the Road, and be on the lookout for Vanderbilt representatives in your area. I’m looking forward to the journey.


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  • Chantias F.

    January 2nd, 2009

    Hey Brad, I am Chantias, a prospective student from Huntsville, AL. Not only am I a prospective Commodore, but I am also interested in whatever you may do as an occupation. I’ve read some of your blogs and am completely interested in that type of lifestyle…it’s sound wonderful. Promoting the greatest university, traveling and meeting wonderful teenagers who would love to be there, spending your days on that warm campus…it’s too good to be true! What would you call yourself? And where exactly do you work on campus? Since I like 2 hours away, I plan on stopping by Vanderbilt more often, I’d love to meet with you! I’ve left my e-mail address for convenience, hopefully I can get in more contact with you.