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On the Road Again

Posted by on Thursday, April 10, 2008 in College Fairs and VU Visiting Your High School, Freshman Commons.

Newman’s character from Seinfeld famously quipped, “The mail never stops Jerry.” And so goes admissions work. Less than two weeks have passed since our decision letters have left the office and we’re all out on the road simultaneously talking to admitted students and families, and introducing ourselves to interested students for the incoming class of 2009. For both groups, it’s amazing to hear the high level of buzz that our new freshman Commons is creating (

I’m reporting from a Panera in the suburbs of Chicago. Ah Panera, an all too familiar haven of the on-the-road admissions officer. Free wi-fi squatting in coffee shops to fill the time between visits to high schools and college fair programs is a tradition of necessity, and one that I carry forward on this cold and rainy Illinois day.

The admissions shoe is certainly on the other foot now. We get regular email reports of the daily response cards that our office receives from our admitted students. We see who has accepted our offers of admissions and who will be attending elsewhere. So while you waited patiently to get our decisions, so now do we wait to hear what you are planning to do. It’s all a part of some karmic balance, a ying and yang I suppose (I will leave it up to my philosophic colleague James to weigh in on this one). Over the speakers of my Panera, Elton John is singing the Circle of Life. Time to log off.


  • Anonymous

    April 10th, 2008


    Great post in the great Vandy fashion we have grown accustomed to. Hope Monsoon season is not dampening your spirits too much. While you say we (as parents of a potential, but alas, waitlisted ‘Dore), were “patient” in waiting for Vandy’s response…well…we weren’t! What a crazy time for parents and HS seniors as each day in late April brought news from any number of universities.

    Good luck to you as you motor back out to highlight Vandy….we’re done with the mail now…waiting patiently for a call from the Admissions Office when you find a spot in the Class of 2012 for our very deserving daughter!

  • Donald

    April 13th, 2008

    Hey Thom,
    Would have loved chatting with you at Panera while you were in Chicago. Hope your visit was enjoyable despite all the rain. We’ll be waiting for that phone call! Happy trails!

  • Anonymous

    April 17th, 2008

    It has been some time since your last blog and I understand why.
    Please keep those of us on the waitlist updated. I appreciate your attempts to keep us have done a great job of of helping students and parents during this very trying time.

  • Anonymous

    April 27th, 2008

    Those of you with kids on the waitlist – last year Vanderbilt didn’t take any students off that list, so you are well-advised to help your kids adjust to the idea of going to another college.