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The midday music express . . .

Posted by on Friday, January 11, 2008 in Application Process, File Reading Explained.

I am what is known in technical admissions speak as a “slow reader” [I am making those hooked double finger gestures to no one in particular, I forget you can’t see me]. I have always been so, which really was a pain as an English Literature major in college, trust me. I read each section carefully, and tend to get caught enjoying the language of a well-written essay. This is not to say that I don’t try to make room for some efficiencies (the prepping as I described this morning). But, I tell people that we read everything and I really do.

I read applications in school groups, trying to read all the files I have from one high school at one sitting. This allows my brain to hang out in the section of memory that contains everything I know about that school for a little bit. I have been working with high schools in Chicago area for 7+ years, and I feel as though I know quite a bit (although I always find that I learn something new with each file and high school visit). School context matters. The type of classes you take, the type of classes that were even available for you to take, the things you’re involved with after school, we try to understand what it all means for you at your school.

Had lunch, I’m twelve files in, and getting back to it. Oh, and I’ve had a shower thank you very much (if some of you were concerned).