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The Januaryist

Posted by on Friday, January 11, 2008 in Application Process, File Reading Explained.

My hand hurts. Like hardcore cramping. I have the makings of a perma-claw, and I’m closing this reading day as I began it, with The Decemberists on WXRT, no lie.

After a relaxing dinner with the family, I have just now finished off the prepped stacks of files meaning I completed 30 first reads and 4 second reads (I read behind a colleague for Davidson County (Nashville) schools). A lot of amazing students, I really enjoy reading all of them, but I’m turning on the NFL Network now. Need to get caught up on all of the pregame hype for this weekend’s divisional playoff games (I’m a huge Colts fan) I missed over this busy week.

Hope today’s posts were helpful, insightful, or at least entertaining. Bye for now. Relax, it’s the weekend.