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Where are you from?

Born in New Orleans, LA but effectively was raised in the great Tar Heel state, known to the layman as North Carolina.

Which Admissions office programs are you involved in?

Co-Chair International Admissions with Julie Chapman, Onboarding and Training of all new staffSchool of Engineering Scholarship and Liaison

What is your favorite Vanderbilt tradition?

Starwalk on a gameday Saturday cheering on the Dores #AnchorDOWN

What hobby do you wish you had more time for?

Golf, reading, and art 

What did you study in college?

European History and almost a second major in Art History :)

If you could go to college again, what major would you choose?

I would still study Art History and European History, but I would create my own major:
"Italian History, Art and Culture"

What’s the best concert you’ve seen in Nashville?  

Salvador Dali Parton.  Have you heard of these guys? NO, and it's ok because you shouldn't know this band. This is the epitome why Nashville is MUSIC CITY and it's awesome living here. This band was created a few days before Halloween and consisted of guys from Mumford, Apache Relay, Avett Brothers, and others. They wrote 6 songs together, played "Garage Funk Rock" (as they claimed) while performing in costume and just jammed. Musically it was unparalleled and free.

What is the moment you knew you were a Nashvillian?

1. February 17th, 2007: The day I moved from New York to Nashville for this job.

2. August 30th, 2013: The day that I closed on my first house. I plan on staying for a long time, maybe forever? I have the best job in the world: I work for my alma mater (the HAPPIEST college in the world FYI), am growing our international population, traveling the US and World.

What talent do you have that would surprise your friends?

I was once a scratch golfer and now hold around a 1-3 handicap.

What celebrity would play you in the movie of your life?

Ron Howard. I’ve been waiting on a call to play Ron Howard in a movie about the Arrested Development legend. 

Do you have pets?

Yes, her name is Eleanor Rigby, but I call her Ellie.  She is an F1 Golden Doodle (mom = golden retriever and dad = poodle). And if you really want to see a picture you can follow her on Instagram @eleanor_rigby_nesbitt. 

Favorite Quote:

"only the curious have something to find" - Nickel Creek

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

A job is meant to be enjoyed, so if you don't like or love your job then FIND ANOTHER ONE (and that is why I am here today after one terrible first job after college).

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