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Where are you from?
I was born in Pasadena, but also lived in Northern California before moving to Nashville 21 years ago.

Which Admissions office programs are you involved in?
I am part of the International team. I get to meet wonderful people from around the world without even leaving my office. What an amazing job!

What’s your favorite spot on campus or favorite Vanderbilt tradition?
Not exactly a location or tradition but what I love about Vanderbilt, is the programming. The Chancellor's Lecture Series, the International Lens Movie Series, special performances through Sarratt. Bringing this caliber of performance and discussion to campus adds richness to our city.

What hobby do you wish you had more time for?
If I had all the money and time in the world, I would run off and join the rodeo. Only, for Dog Agility not horses. I would fix up a van, get 6 border collies, have a personal massage therapist for the dogs, a personal chef for the dogs, and drive from show to show.

What did you study in college?
I studied microbiology. Then I continued on to graduate school where I studied animal behavior.

If you could go to college again, what major would you choose?
I was worried about getting a job and earning a living. I wish I had dabbled in the arts more. I think it was lack of confidence but also, I didn't see a practical application. So I missed the opportunity to stretch and grow in that area. Thankfully, we don't stop learning when we leave college!

What is the hardest class you have ever taken?
The hardest class I have ever taken was Neuroanatomy. The brain just looked like a big, grey cauliflower to me!

What’s your favorite off-campus hangout?
I love Radnor Lake. It is amazing we have this peaceful spot in the middle of our city. I'm so thankful earlier residents thought to set this land aside for us to enjoy.

What’s the best concert you’ve seen in Nashville?
I love the early show at the Bluebird. Since you are practically sitting in the songwriter's laps, you feel like you get to know them.

What is the moment you knew you were a Nashvillian?
I went back to the Bay Area and people seemed so rushed. And they stood silently in line at the grocery store. Plus, no eye contact when you pass someone hiking. A friendly hello and eye contact are the norm here in the South.

What is your favorite place to eat in Nashville?
Dozen Bakery. They bake it all on site, themselves, so the baguette is super fresh, just like in France. You can watch through the glass kitchen wall. Too bad about all those carbs though...

What talent do you have that would surprise your friends?
I notice eye color. I can tell you the eye color of anyone I have talked to for more than three minutes. But I don't notice anything else so this means I am often wandering around lost and confused.

Do you have any pets?
Oh boy, do I ever! I have three dogs. I buy my clothes and furniture to match the dog hair. My 11-year old papillon won the Biathalon class at Nationals last year. But she is ready to retire so I have an 8-month-old poodle puppy that I am training for agility competitions. He's a handful. He wasn't listening when someone said that poodles are easy to train.

If you weren't an admissions counselor, what would you be?
I could see having a job that addresses keeping our planet safe and habitable for the amazing variety of life here.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?
My father said, "If you can't make up your mind, you will be happy either way". I have said that to myself on many occasions.

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