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Introducing New Blogger David Lazo

Posted by on Friday, May 30, 2014 in Application Process, Vanderbilt Blogs.

Hey there! My name is David Lazo, senior admissions counselor, and the newest member of the Vanderbilt Admissions blogging team. I am very excited to join the blog and share my Vanderbilt insights with you.

I am originally from Concord, CA, a suburb of San Francisco, and I completed my undergraduate studies in political science at the University of California, Berkeley. As an undergraduate, I was involved with the Rally Committee and served as a peer adviser in their College of Letters and Science. I also had the life-changing opportunity to study abroad in Denmark and learned to speak Danish to a high level. During my time at Berkeley, I was able to engage my love of foreign languages and strengthen my skills in Japanese, German, and Portuguese. After graduation I decided to try something different: I was an au pair to three amazing, non-English speaking, Swiss-German children in Switzerland.

In retrospect I shouldn’t be surprised that I found my way into education, even though as an undergraduate I thought I would be working within the US government.  After all, when I was five years old, my dream career was to become a teacher. My career in higher education began in Stanford University’s Financial Aid Office and soon moved to its Office of Undergraduate Admission. At Stanford, I oversaw a substantial portion of international recruitment, which allowed me to meet with international counselors and university officials to communicate the intricacies of highly-selective admissions. My time at UC Berkeley and Stanford helps me talk to families in my territories since my personal and professional experience straddles both a large, public and a medium-sized, private institution. One of the reasons why I love my job is that I am fascinated at how the college search process unfolds. Helping young adults navigate the array of college choices is not easy, especially when there is so much to learn in such a short period of time, but it is certainly exciting! I wake up every day knowing that my guidance and advice contributes to creating a successful college search.

In the fast-paced world of admissions, I am excited at the opportunity to reflect upon aspects of the college search, Vanderbilt’s intellectual and student community, and the great city of Nashville with you. I look forward to sharing my thoughts on these important topics with you here at the Admissions Blog. Whether I’m on the road in Northern California, visiting your school in East/Southeast Asia, or at home here at Vanderbilt, don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to me (Goddag in Danish, but English is OK, too!).  I believe that choosing a university is about finding a home that will invite new life opportunities, and I join colleagues that are excited to help see how Vanderbilt can be one of many possibilities to kick start the next stage of your life.

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