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If you received an incomplete notice…

Posted by on Wednesday, November 10, 2010 in Application Process.

Yesterday we sent out several hundred incomplete notices to students intending to apply Early Decision I.  We understand that many of these items are in our office and simply have not yet processed.  If you received a notice, don’t stress out, you will receive consideration under our ED I plan as long as your application file completes by November 18th.

Here are the appropriate follow-up steps:

If you received an incomplete notice and still wish to be an applicant under Early Decision I:

1)      Be aware that items listed in the incomplete email “have not yet been processed”.  That does not mean they have not yet arrived in our office.  If you sent materials within the past 10 days, please wait an additional week before checking in with our office.

2)      If the material(s) missing came from your high school counseling office, check with your counselor to ascertain when the pieces shipped out.  High schools are also overloaded and may send materials several days later than you think.

3)      If you and/or your college counselor submitted materials over 10 days ago and you still received an incomplete notice, please contact Nikkie Marlow.

4)      Allow Nikkie at least 3 business days to respond.

Nikkie Marlow

Vanderbilt University Admissions Processing Center


If you wish to change your decision plan from Early Decision I to Regular Decision:

1)      Contact your Vanderbilt University admissions counselor via email

2)      In your email include your name, address, and specific request


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