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Meet John Nesbitt

Posted by on Friday, September 24, 2010 in Admissions Committee.

My hometown is Winston-Salem, NC.

I am the admissions counselor responsible for Westchester County, NY, San Francisco and the Bay Area, the Middle East and India.

In the office I manage the Tour Guides, student volunteers and Blogging ‘Dores, and help with the scholarship selection for the College of Arts and Science.

The best place to eat in Nashville is Watermark.

The best concert I’ve seen in Nashville was Bonnaroo 2009… or one of the 23 Phish concerts.

On a Saturday you’re most likely to find me with my friends making it happen.

Fido is the best coffee shop in town.

The airline I most frequently fly in and out of Nashville is American Airlines.

My favorite spots on campus are the Baseball Glove Lounge, Alumni Lawn, Memorial Gym and Dudley Field.

Lonnie’s Karaoke Bar is a hidden gem in Nashville, nay America.

Nashville is the best City in America– big enough to always have fun events, concerts, etc. but small enough that it is easy to get around and still has a small town vibe.

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