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April, 2010

Decisioning Down to the Wire – Mr. Commodore Meet Mr. Greshko

Apr. 30, 2010—I started my last post with the understatement “waiting is hard,” but for many students nationwide the greater understatement is more like “choosing is hard.”  We do not envy those of you who are now down to the wire with your decisions.  Keep in mind that our deadline is a post-marked deadline, and that tomorrow...

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Waitlist Update Email Going Out Today

Apr. 23, 2010—Waiting is hard. We know that after starting your college search a year ago (at least) and going through the application process, the last thing you really want to do is wait some more. So for those of you who have agreed to do so by accepting a spot on our waitlist, thank you. The good news is that barring an unforseen circumstance we do anticipate that we will be able to admit students from our waitlist at some point.

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Listen to Your Heart – The Story of My College Search

Apr. 16, 2010—This is a special guest post by Vanderbilt Junior and Inside 'Dores blogger Lindsay Rothrock. Read more from Lindsay on the Inside 'Dores Blog.

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VUCast covers VU 2010 Mailing Day

Apr. 12, 2010—Ever wonder what happens to your admit letter before it starts the journey to your house?

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Counselor Conference 2010

Apr. 8, 2010—Between April 8th and April 11th the Office of Undergraduate Admissions will host Counselor Conference 2010. It’s just another way we try to reach out to our students and truly learn about the context from which they come. For the next three days we will have 100 high school counselors from 28 states, the District...

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2010 Waitlist Information

Apr. 2, 2010—I know that being on a waitlist isn't ideal, and after all of this time applying to college you probably are not that psyched about more waiting. We will do all that we can to keep you informed. For those of you who have been offered a space on the waitlist I wanted to draw your attention to a post we made last year that addresses many of the questions and concerns you may have (and that I see in your posted comments).

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