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Vince Young

Posted by on Friday, December 4, 2009 in Balance, Vandy Athletics.

Thing # 114 that I love about Nashville is having a great NFL franchise in our backyard. And this year has been crazy for Titans fans. After last years’ #1 seed in the playoffs and heartbreaking loss to the Ravens (the refs clearly missed a safety that would have won us the game but I am not bitter) Nashville was excited for another great year chasing after our first Lombardi Trophy. If you follow the NFL then you know those dreams dissipated after an 0-6 start, including a 59-0 loss thrashing at New England.

And then Vince Young got a second chance on life – he finally got the start, win one, two, three games in a row! Another late drive led by “VY” to beat division rival TEXANS (all caps ‘cause if you are from TEXAS then you are bigger and better) and then this past Sunday another Music City Miracle (for those of you kids who have never heard of our greatest play in franchise history). Vince led a game winning TD drive from his own 1 yard line, and suddenly a lifeless season is full of energy, excitement and hope. The future looks bright for the Titans with one of the best players in RB Chris Johnson, a great young WR in Kenny Britt and the upstart Vince Young. And Vince Young is one of the best stories in sports this year.

Sure the Titans probably have to win out to make the playoffs, but hey no team has ever started the season 0-6 and won their next five and the 2009 Titans just put their names in the record books for that feat. This weekend will be no doubt the biggest game of the season as we go on the road to face our rivals and arguably the best team, best player and maybe the best QB ever (know how much it pains me to say that as a Vandy alum) in Peyton Manning and the 11-0 Colts. Cheer on the Titans this Sunday (1 pm EST CBS Sports ) as we go for win #6 of the year. Win or lose come Sunday thank you Titans for giving me yet another reason to call this place home.

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