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Blogging Day 1

Posted by on Thursday, December 3, 2009 in Balance.

My name is John Nesbitt and I’ve been at Vanderbilt since 2002 (woah I think I am getting old) when I entered as a wide-eyed freshman. Seven years later I am still here (barring a failed six month experience in the corporate world of Manhattan) and have the honor of being one of Vanderbilt’s 21 Undergraduate Admissions Officers. I travel the lands recruiting the best and brightest to Vanderbilt, read their applications and direct our student ambassaDore program (tour guides and such). I am the lucky one in our office who travels to the Bay Area of California (yes that includes Pebble Beach), the southern edge of NJ, and Rockland and Westchester Counties (the ‘burbs of Manhattan).

I grew up in the great state of North Carolina (if you like college basketball, you’re welcome) and I couldn’t have made a better decision to leave NC and attend Vanderbilt. Why Vanderbilt you might ask – because it was the perfect balance between “COLLEGE!!” (as in fun) and a serious intellectual experience, between a small intimate learning environment and big time athletics, and between a college town neighborhood and a city full of life in Nashville. Vandy had exactly what I was looking for, it was the perfect fit. It was the only school that I visited where every student eagerly told me that I “had to come to Vandy!” The enthusiasm was contagious and that is my mission today – I want to convey the same enthusiasm that I felt as a prospective student eight years ago that made my decision the right one and an easy one.

As an undergrad I got my bachelors degree in European History and Art History and had the privilege of studying abroad in Florence, Italy for four months. I now know the difference between a Brunello and a Barolo; a Michelangelo and a Raphael, why ‘pazzo’ means crazy in Italian and yes, I can make Tiramisu`. I am currently working on my Master’s at Peabody College of Education at Vanderbilt University in Organizational Leadership (yes, while working) and will graduate in May of 2011!

If I am not working, reading applications or writing papers for grad school I am probably half-way around the US going to Phish concerts (19 thus far), playing golf, watching sports or one of my 14 tv shows (nope that is not a typo, I seriously watch 14 shows – oh forgot about LOST make it 15 shows).

Blogging world here we come….

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