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Vandy's Fall Colors

Posted by on Tuesday, November 3, 2009 in Application Process, Early Decision.

We’re still processing the some 900 ED applications submitted over the weekend, and the 10+ buckets of mail we received yesterday.  It will take a few days to get everything opened/imported/tracked/filed.  We will be performing an incomplete check of all ED1 files on Friday of this week, with an email to go out on Monday the 9th to all students who are still missing items in their application. If your application is complete, you will get an email as well, but it could be earlier than Monday (it will be sent whenever all your pieces are pulled together).

For your Autumnal enjoyment, I snapped a few shots of the Vanderbilt grounds ablaze in color while walking to the office this morning.  Such a wonderful time of year . . .

Vanderbilt Walkways Along Alumni Lawn in Fall
Vanderbilt Walkways Along Alumni Lawn in Fall
Vanderbilts Fall Colors on Curry Field
Vanderbilt's Fall Colors on Curry Field

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