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2009 EDII Information and RD Update

Posted by on Monday, February 9, 2009 in Admissions Committee, Early Decision.

To the Vandyblogger Community:

It was a great weekend. We all got a brief chance to relax between mailing ED 2 letters on Friday and finding freshly stacked, unread bins of regular decision applications Monday. As promised, here are some are some statistical data points regarding the 2009 Early Decision pool. Remember, it is our practice to report both ED rounds together.

Middle 50% SAT (CR+M): 1330-1480
Middle 50% ACT: 30-33
% in Top Ten % of Graduating Class*: 87.4%
Average Rank in Class*: 5.5
Overall Admit Rate: 37.9%

* Data reported only from students enrolled in schools that provide exact rank information.

This was the most talented and diverse group in Vanderbilt history. We are delighted to welcome such remarkable students into the class of 2009. This year, due to the academic depth and unprecedented diversity of the ED pool (ethnically and geographically), we took a few more than last year. For those awaiting for ED 2 letters, remember that all ED letters come in standard sized envelopes. For those admitted, congratulations and welcome to the Vanderbilt community.

Regular Decision Application Update

As of today, we have received a total of 19,244 applications for the Vanderbilt entering class of 2009, the most ever received at Vanderbilt.  We are humbled and excited by the growth of our applicant pool over last year, and we are looking forward to the tough task of evaluating this next Vanderbilt class. While the full scope of the quality of the pool is still being sorted out, I can tell you that similar to our ED pool, the RD pool looks like the most competitive and diverse we’ve ever seen. We are looking to enroll an incoming class of between 1550 to 1570 first year students.  Our target date for mailing those decisions is currently late March.

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  • Barbara

    February 9th, 2009

    Hey Brad
    thanks for the information, you all are so amamzing at keeping ‘we lurkers’ informed. love the Vandy web site, it is one of the best to peruse…
    How did this EDI and EDII pool statistically compare with last years?

  • Jordan

    February 9th, 2009

    Hey Brad,

    Thanks for posting this info.
    Is the admissions office releasing the number of ED applicants admitted? I was just wondering if Vanderbilt decided to admit more than 1/3 of its class through ED this year… I’m just a nervous RD applicant.