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The Battle for Tennessee: Vandy vs. #1 Tennessee

Posted by on Tuesday, February 26, 2008 in Vandy Athletics.

The BIGGEST men’s basketball game of the year at Vanderbilt is TONIGHT in less 1 hour and 42 minutes! “Basketball Bedlam” will occur tonight when the Vanderbilt Commodores will host the Tennessee Volunteers. Vandy has gone prime time – with the game on ESPN at 8pm Central Time tonight! I am taking a break from my reading of applications to see the game. Vandy fans were told to “white it out” in the papers, meaning everyone must where a white t-shirt to the game. I actually was searching online for a yellow Teletubbie costume to wear to the game, but can you believe that “LaLa” costumes are sold out(LaLa is the yellow teletubbie)?!! I know you are asking yourself, “Why would you buy a SECOND teletubbie outfit, James?!!” Well, given that I couldn’t find one online after searching for a week, it proves that I am not the only one who finds teletubbie outfits amusing and surprisingly comfortable to wear on the couch watching games. My colleague Nesbitt just tagged me for the game now, so I have to leave. Let you know what happens tomorrow. Go Dores!