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The Basketball Universe sits still for Vanderbilt!

Posted by on Tuesday, February 26, 2008 in Vandy Athletics.

Vanderbilt beats #1 Tennessee! A cosmic clash of basketball titans in the state of Tennessee and it is the Vanderbilt Star that only remains. Score: 72 to 69. Electric atmosphere. I was at the center of it all – in the student section. Actually…it was so packed in the gym that I was only able to get the last row in the student section. Still prime time seats. I sat next to Drew, one of the student workers in the admissions office who is from Montana. We saw history again. The best thing about the game, aside from the win? I thought about all the students that I admitted who are freshmen right now and watched the game in the gym. How charmed are their lives at this moment?! Enjoying a nationally televised game with your friends at your university?! And your university beats the #1 team in the country. It made me smile because those first-year students are living what we espouse everyday on campus one being to another: community.
This is what we call “beautiful.”


  • Anonymous

    February 27th, 2008

    Even funnier than the freshmen are the newly admitted students who are already repping Vandy. Who wouldn’t want to be a Commodore???!

    GO ‘DORES!!!!!!!!!!