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Signing Off…

Posted by on Tuesday, December 11, 2007 in Early Decision.

The title of today’s blog is Signing Off, which has a double meaning for me right now. In our office, our most veteran officers can “sign off” on a decision, which means he/she can officially decision an application (admit, deny, or waitlist). It is the end of an application’s process here at Vanderbilt (well, except for mailing the appropriate decision letter). I am a sign off officer, so I officially decision many applications after they have been read by 2 other officers in my office (the strongest ones and the weakest ones that don’t need to go to committee). I signed off on dozens of files over the past couple of weeks as we finalized our ED decisions.

Without being too dramatic, I am also signing off as the official OUA blogger today, because I will be leaving my job here later this week. I am transitioning to another admissions position here at Vanderbilt, at our Law School. The decision to leave OUA is very bittersweet; I have worked here for over 5 years, and have truly loved my time here. My colleagues are some of my best friends, and I’m reassured by the fact that I will continue these friendships even though I work in a different office. I will greatly miss working with high school students and their college counselors. At the Law School I will be working with prospective students and also with our Law School Alumni as I create an Admissions Interview Program (applicants will have the option to interview with an Admissions Officer or Alumnus/a). I am excited by this new challenge and the opportunity to work with a different portion of the Vanderbilt community.

This blog will continue with contributions from a few of my colleagues, for some different perspectives on the admissions process. So keep reading, there will be more quality blogging coming your way.

Seniors from my territory (CT and Northeast FL) will be in good hands. My colleague John Nesbitt will be reading the Northeast FL applications for the rest of this year. Connecticut students will work with John Nesbitt, Joel Hart, or Chancey Philips (we have split the state up for the rest of this year). I assure those students that their files will be just fine- each of those admissions officers is a great advocate.

Without sounding like an award acceptance speech, I want to thank everyone who has read this blog, it has been really fun to create. I hope it has been helpful! I wish all prospective students good luck in their college application processes- I hope you get into all of your favorite schools, and I can’t wait to see who ends up at Vanderbilt next year! Some of you will find out very soon that you WILL be moving into the Commons and joining the Vanderbilt community in August, since all ED1 decision letters will leave our office on Friday, December 14. Remember, at Vanderbilt, all ED decision letters come in small envelopes!

Signing Off,

p.s. Congrats to the Vandy men’s bball team and women’s bball team- both are ranked in the top 25!

p.p.s. I finally got my engagement ring which is GORGEOUS, and wedding planning is going well. I’m going to be a May bride!