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‘W.O. Smith Music School’

The Happiest Student at Vanderbilt: Random Things I’ve Done at Vandy (Christmas Edition!)

Dec. 23, 2015—Thus ends the first semester of my freshman year. I was my high school valedictorian and I failed three tests. I’m so completely ungraceful that I opened a door once and fell over; I learned to swing dance. I would have described myself as an “introvert” before coming to college; I’ve discovered I LOVE people.

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Just do… Everything!!! (Status of Everything: 12.5% Completed!)

Dec. 23, 2015—Two months ago I sat down in my advisor’s office and pulled up a word document entitled “The Grand Plan.” We both laughed a little as I showed her how I had planned out the next four years, study abroad and all. The Grand Plan involves an Applied Mathematics Major, a General Music Minor and...

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