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Gambling, Women, and Refugees

Feb. 5, 2017—You might be wondering what merits such a click-bait title — I assure you, one month here deserves far more attention and detail than I am able to provide, but these are some of the most exciting and heart-warming events I have witnessed since I have been on campus for my fourth semester! First on...

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Student Orgs for Days

Nov. 20, 2016—With so many student orgs at Vanderbilt (like 500 now), it can be hard to choose what to involved yourself in. If you'd like to hear about my experiences with orgs, read more here! Maybe I can help you sort out things!

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A Variety of Speakers

Oct. 16, 2016—As you may have picked up, this semester is pretty packed for me — but there’s no cause to worry! Even with eighteen hours and a Mayfield Project (refer to other post), there’s still plenty of time to do things that I like to do. (And if I can do it, I know you can!)...

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The Obligatory Philosophical Post

Sep. 17, 2016—Where do I even begin? I could ramble on about how nice it is to return to campus (though I’ve been back for nearly a month at this point), how despite the humidity and the heat, which now fade quite pleasantly into early autumn, I find no fault in this place, and how my classes...

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Bluebird Cafe Extravaganza!

Dec. 8, 2013—Heather finally gets to go to Bluebird Cafe!

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Exit/In Produces Ridiculous Dance Moves

Oct. 29, 2013—I like music. I mean, I really like music. Especially live music. And there's no better place for the live music-loving Vanderbilt student than Exit/In.

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