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‘Vanderbilt University Theatre’

The Children’s Hour

Feb. 19, 2012—For the next week, Vanderbilt University Theatre is performing The Children’s Hour. It opened on Friday night and I was lucky enough to see the first performance.

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Spring Classes

Jan. 20, 2012—It’s weird to think I’ve only been back at Vandy for two weeks, because I already feel like I have my routine set—which is good considering I finalized my schedule only a week ago. So far, I’m pretty happy with my picks:

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Acting for an “A”

Dec. 6, 2011—For my Fundamentals of Theatre class, the final project was performing a short scene for the entire class. We were not simply given a script and told what to do by our professor, but rather the performances were entirely student-run.

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Catch The Green Bird

Nov. 3, 2011—Last weekend was not only Halloween, but also opening weekend of The Green Bird, performed by Vanderbilt University Theatre. Because I’m a Theatre minor currently taking Theatre 100: Fundamentals of Theatre, I had to usher and attend one performance and then write an analysis (which I’ll do as soon as I’m done with this blog…).

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Vanderbilt University Theatre Hatches The Green Bird

Oct. 6, 2011—Vanderbilt University Theatre’s exciting and quirky fall main stage show introduces a new staff member… and yours truly!

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