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‘traditional culture’

Celebrating Lunar New Year at Vanderbilt

Feb. 26, 2019—Lunar New Year is a traditional celebration shared by Asian cultures. Specifically, the 2019 Chinese New Year Day, which is also known as Spring Festival, is on February 5. The LNYF showcase I discussed in my last post concluded the Lunar New Year events at Vanderbilt. Here are some of the other events celebrating the...

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LNYF 2019: Happily Ever After

Feb. 24, 2019—Over 300 students from various backgrounds prepared for this showcase since the end of the fall semester. Even the rainstorm last night did not prevent more than a thousand people from attending. Cheers resonated for three hours in Langford Auditorium. Quelle est cette fête culturelle? (“What is this cultural celebration?” in French) LNYFです。(“It is Lunar New...

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